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When you play against newby friends, do you destroy them or give them a chance?

I never let people win. Try to play my hardest even though it becomes increasingly difficult to not autopilot yourself into a corner if you've been stomping somebody for 20 matches straight.

Not because of my ego but I treat people like I want to be treated and there's nothing worse for me than somebody "going easy" on me. I feel that's an insult. I rather get my ass whooped 50 times than getting a single charity win.
I do this to become better and I don't learn shit from a gifted win.


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The closest thing I might do to sandbagging against friends is maybe play my secondary or I actually want to try playing someone else besides my main. But normally I won't go easy on someone and I usually offer feedback. Only problem is my friends play on xbox so the competition was trash. I decided to play a few ranked matches one time in MKX and by the end of the session and went on a nice winning streak, I then told my friend "dude everyone on xbox is literally hot garbage at this game, no wonder why u played so ass!"
It's a little stupid to think you either have to let them win or stomp them into the ground. There's certainly a happy medium.
Frankly i want more people to play so if that means i go a little easier on them to start then so be it.


Exactly!! Like I know it's frustrating to get wrecked, but it's the way we all learned.
Ya but if they don’t know how to wake up and your throwing them in the blender on oki over and over.... that’s not a good experience. I typically just reset neutral every time I kd my friends, but other than that just play the same.

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I have a few friends who I respect as players, so I don’t let them win. It’s only a few months into MK11’s lifecycle and all but 1 have stopped playing. I’ll go easy on casuals, show them the flashy stuff. I go hard against serious competitors because that’s what they’re looking for. I’ll drill players who want to learn in scrims, then review the matches with them after. What’s really tough is how to handle the friends who used to be your equals once you’ve outgrown them.