What's your training routine?

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Chernyy Volk, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Vengeance135

    Vengeance135 Saltiest Joker Player

    The Vengeance135 Joker training regiment:

    Go online, play scrubs, test theories, overcome bad MU's, succumb to bad losses by people with an extraordinary talent for raping the tier list (Adam, supergirl, carwoman, etc), get salty because joker is so bad, realize I always knew joker was bad and still cling on to false hope, not play for a week, rinse and repeat
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  2. Sit on ranked beating no thumbs, send out invites to friends and not get games. Get salty about top tiers in practice mode
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  3. Hear, hear!
  4. DC4-3

    DC4-3 Low tier button masher.

    That pic of Cyborg looks a lot like One Punch Man.

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  5. Only been playing for like a month so for me it's about finding something I need to learn and then doing that for hours.

    I take a rediculous ammount of notes.
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  6. ShrekForXbox

    ShrekForXbox Scrub

    Training Regimen?




    I don’t have one even though I probably should :(
  7. Zero Gee

    Zero Gee Noob

    I try to make sure to at least get 30 mins - 1 hr of some productivity to go in depth with a character. Usually only for newer characters that I haven't looked into yet, I'll try to get in precise execution with the char. If I mess up an input, I'll start back from zero and try to get 5-10 complete reps depending on the combo/setup. From there, I'll play a few games to get a gist of the char's game plan. If I have an interest in the char, I'll go back into the lab and work on ideas that I have or more technical stuff
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  8. Evazan

    Evazan Rider on the Storm

    Whenever I feel I need practice, I start with performing five to eight successful combos in a row on both sides. Then, in the same fashion, I'll practice harder stuff eight to ten times as well. Sometimes I'll just practice those things over and over again until I get bored and start goofing around
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  9. AkioOf100

    AkioOf100 I play Raph

    I play Beetle. So my thumbs are going to fall off before I turn 30.

    I usually just run the combos/block strings I feel like I dropped or am feeling inconsistent with in practice. I look back at old matches that I lost and figure out why, then I lab against the character(s) I was defeated by. Then, (if anybody has been in a party with @Andnyal_ and I, you know this) I invite a friend to help me practice new techniques or things I haven’t incorporated into my gameplay. It’s always fun to practice with friends. ^_^
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  10. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    We’re good lol it’s fine
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  11. Crusty

    Crusty Carpe Noctem

    I choked on my tea laughing.

    Pretty good protag
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  12. Bleu231

    Bleu231 Tohan playing shotgun


    On topic:
    I don't exactly have a training routine, per se. I do a warmup on my Stampede Cancels and usual combos. This is especially important in winter because cold hands, and stuff. I lab scenarios when I get bamboozled or if I think of one.
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  13. MidTierHarley

    MidTierHarley highly respected

    To practice Scarecrow i mash d1 as fast as i can for 10 minutes straight. This is what separates the good Scarecrows from the great ones.
  14. Scott The Scot

    Scott The Scot Where there is smoke, there is cancer.

    Well he didn't, his laptop is fucked and he's working a bunch right now so he hasn't been on any social media really lol :p
  15. SaucyD0ge

    SaucyD0ge Worst european batman

    D1 (D)B2 MB DBF3 loops on block are an actual exercice if you want more mix.
  16. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    My actual training routine is bodying @Basic Stupidity with Raiden at 4am because i'm the Raiden God Lord.
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  17. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    Seriously though when I can play, I spend a few minutes going over anything I don’t consistently land (none of Sub’s stuff is really hard) and practice all of Aquaman’s scoop bnbs. Then I’ll play whichever of my friends is on for as long as I can with either Sub or Aqua depending on who is better in the MU. I used to play Fate but I ended up dropping him because he takes a lot of dedication and time, which I already don’t have a lot of time to play, and I’d much rather put time into Sub. And Aqua was my day 1 main and you don’t really forget how to play Aquaman lol. I pretty much just play I guess and ask as many questions as I can to learn.
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  18. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    Why? I really think that even Supergirl takes more time to play properly than Fate. He's maybe the most simple character imo. He has red ankh stuff but none of that is 100% required and you can pick that stuff up along the way. None of it is execution heavy either it's just about conquering the learning curve.

    Like Theo is the best Fate I've played and he doesn't use ankhs. It's not even a case of him being so good that he just makes that work. His ankhless Fate is equally as hard to fight as his Supergirl or Superman.
  19. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    Ankhs are needed more on a case by case basis. It’s more of a personal thing of me finding a zoner harder to play than a rushdown character. To play the character optimally you need the red ankhs and I’d rather get good with Sub than have a poverty Fate and poverty Sub.
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  20. I just go in raw, nothing gets you going like getting bodied by your friends or randoms.
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  21. I would not wish playing as or against raiden at 4am on any of my worst enemies.
  22. Rizz091

    Rizz091 Noob

    On a daily basis I try to just log in for 5 to 15 min to work on a single thing. Whether it's a match up specific scenario to work on, or execution, or hit confirming. Some hole in my game that I've found through play and replay analysis that I've jotted down.

    Then maybe 3-4 days a week I try to get an hour straight of playing. Some are for replays followed by working on action items that came out of the replays. Some sessions are just for getting games to then review later.
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  23. Goatlegs

    Goatlegs Noob

    I play Supergirl so I just go into practice mode and see how many d1s I can do in one minute. It’s really helped my fundamentals.
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  24. Sazbak

    Sazbak Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I'm almost the same but I'm also listening to Rocky music while doing the d1s.
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  25. Barrogh

    Barrogh Meta saltmine

    1. Do some BnBs;
    2. Do some ticks;
    3. Log in to TYM and complain about the game.
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