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What will Mortal Kombat 11's legacy be if there are no more Kombat Packs/patches?

How would you grade Mortal Kombat 11 if the product were finished?

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There it is...
I've heard this rumor as well, and if it's true, I'm not even going to buy the game. Imagine taking the most boring MK game and deciding "yup, this is the one we will use as the legacy game."
If they reinvent the wheel every time and stop on this shit i will not be purchasing it also. Which is sad to me.

Theyve seem SO out of touch the whole life of this game
... because NRS promised support for longer than two years, which turned out to be a lie.
Curious, where did they officially announce this? I only recall them ever saying that they'd support Mortal Kombat 11 for longer than any of their previous games, I don't recall them giving a specific time period.

Imagine taking the most boring MK game and deciding "yup, this is the one we will use as the legacy game."
It's also the highest selling and best performing game in the franchise, so I can see them going with the general formula. Having said that, every one of their games plays differently to some degree, so I can see them going another route as well.
That just like X it gave us just enough to keep us engaged, but not a serious attempt was made to make it a great experience for the fans. A few skins, some DLC, some stages, like throwing a bone.

In the meantime making it a grind, intended to get us to buy time crystals while in X there was not enough to get around. We cannot just look at NRS, as has been pointed out. WB is partially to blame.

We also have to take into consideration the time crunching, toxic culture and power abuse that goes on while making a product. I truly believe that has messed with the intention and explains why the story and characters were so dumbed down, simplistic, cheesy etc.

I don’t know what happened between X and 11, but the writers seemed to just go for the silliest, childish representation of almost every single classic character. And then decided to get high, watch some Marvel DC movies, googled some Greek mythology and did what teenagers would do: just write whatever seemed fun, purposefully messing with Sindel etc.

If they redeem themselves with MK12, I can treat 11 as a one-off. But still, there’s just too many things that irk me about this game to say it left a good taste. It was a solid game, I enjoyed parts of the story, it looked amazing and might replay it in 5 years, but it definitely is not a classic that I can continue to play. Same counts for X. 9 is the only NRS game, from a gameplay standpoint worth a damn.


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This community will never learn. It doesn't matter what you think the legacy of this game will be. The history will be rewritten into something it was not during the games prime, many years later into the future once we get there. It's happened four times already.

MKX, the worst NRS game ever made that got constantly complained about every single day during it's prime, with countless 100+ page threads and the FGC laughing at the barbaric "meta" is NOW some how regarded as this "amazing", "hype", "creative" fighting game in 2021. It's insane how history gets rewritten.

And I need to mention Injustice 2 the most "boring", "spam fest", "zoning", "runaway", "walk-back city" game ever created that literally died to me (and countless others) after the first couple months where we left and never came back, is now receiving praise in 2021 as this impeccable neutral fighting game with the most brilliant arch types? LOL.

You guys can't fool me and many others anymore with these constant charades and backpedaling. No one is called out for their inconsistency. And many of you will be "missing MK11" and calling it a "good but misunderstood game" in the future once you're stuck with the more bland-post-nerf-Jacqui and Sheeva-less NRS games of the future. I can't wait to bump this thread in 2026 and 2030 when we're on the new super mega shit, one-more-patch-away-from-being-perfect NRS game and people rewrite history for MK11 in the future as a game that was "such an underrated game".
Commenting for da ‘riddum.


There it is...
A point to be made obviously patches primary goal is balance... but what i think people kinda want but dont say is to shake up the meta and add new things to discover and fiddle around with. This game had a whole lot of nothing in that respect. Just as it was looking promising with abilities released they pulled the plug with most characters having 1/3 their abilities being useless.

Would have taken very little effort to actually make half them viable.

WB is evil blah blah but their asses wasted so much time and resources on pointless patch changes.
I've heard this rumor as well, and if it's true, I'm not even going to buy the game. Imagine taking the most boring MK game and deciding "yup, this is the one we will use as the legacy game."
I dunno, depends on what they do, but i wouldn't be optimistic either.

On the one hand you can make games based around the fundamentals 11 was trying to work with. The idea isn't inherently flawed, and them being able to learn from what they did with this one might lead to something greater, rather than once again going from the ground up.

On the (giant) other hand-

1. This is by far the most bland mk. So many characters just feel like they don't get to do anything interesting.
1.5. Related to the above, but they've got a bad case of SFV damage. This lazy need for damage to feel standardized across the board. You still get zoners who pick away at you, but EVERY combo feels like it does the same damage. There's the basic bnb, the jump in bnb, meter version of both, and then a KB version, and across the fucking cast they all do similar damage, and it sucks.
  1. The various systems in the game do promote some really bad play.
  2. They'll ALWAYS be at odds with their marketing/sales.
I get that 3 is a big fucking deal. I don't care how many guest characters get added because I respect that it moves units and if you want a new game/another DLC it's just going to happen.

On the other hand i'm so so glad we might not see an injustice 3 because holy fucking shit clashes are the worst fucking mechanic in years. Not for ANY competitive reason, just because i'm so fucking sick of watching these hype killing cut scenes. How do you come up with brutalities, which are little creative ways to end the fight that are nice and quick, and then also force your entire player base to fucking watch this nonsense over and over and over?