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General/Other - Jason Voorhees Wait... what will Jason's character dialogue be like?


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Hopefully...the other fighters will have unique dialogue to him. Something cheesy but cool like "this is your final chapter", or raiden saying "lighting won't bring you back to life this time", or "go back to crystal lake", "time for jason to go back to hell", "this is your final friday", or johnny cage saying "i talked to freddy...he says "hi". or quan chi holding his mother's head instead of moloch's. that'd be kinda cool. oooh. and one of the females saying like Mileena, "I don't need your mommy's sweater to kill you"


Probably no dialog just some body movement with his machete. Kind of insinuating that his about to chop your head off.
Jason hears his mom's voice in his head.

Sees female character, Jason hear his mom say "kill that fucking skank!"

Sees black character, Jason hears his mom say "kill that n word!"

See's everyone else, Jason hears mom say "men are evil pigs, kill them Jason!"

Jason's got issues.


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People want to hear Jason's mom talkIng for him? Whut?
It makes sense. She essentially gives him orders (or so he thinks) and goes from there. It would explain his purpose of being there. Just think of Freddy vs Jason. He wound up on Elm Street because "Mommy" told him to do it in his dream.


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For all those cracking jokes about that particular horror cliche, in the Friday the 13th movies that feature black characters, they survived way longer than most of the other characters. I know it's all said in fun, but I just thought I should point that out.