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USub tactics from "Lex theorycrafting zone"


by Lex on classicmk.com:

ahh usub. not the worst, but def not the best. heres a couple things that can help you out:

his jabs are really really really really good. try to catch ppl on the way up from jumps with his hp. his uppercut and his high kick are really good too. those should be your primaries. uppercut chip uppercut chip uppercut chip uppercut chip!!!

learn when to rj rushdown and throw foward ice. you can catch ppl in block animation because they moved at the last second, then they call bs "I WAS BLOCKING"!!!! you know did it right when that happens.
rj rj rj hk(knee) *pause* hk, rj xx forward ice. <-BNB sequence for me.

if you get a throw, shoot close up ice (D, F, B). if they try to advance they will get hit.

his slide sucks. only during combos or when you can time them.

his 5 hit glitch chain is very useful since the last hit is pretty much no recovery.

due to his ability, he relies on glitch cancel combos. get them down if you main usub.

even if you are full screen, rj xx forward ice, or rj xx clone. rj xx clone makes the box bigger, but you should know that by now.

Good shit for usub Lex.

Don't forget that anytime you freeze someone out of the air, push them close to the corner to maximize damage! This is imperative for usub!

You can rj XX clone people jumping at you on reaction, think of it as a safe jab trying to anti air them, but canceling with clone instead of block. With well timed air freezes, you can easily get 50% off an aaClone. Even without glitch cancelling.

indeed konqr. also if you can get a knockdown, time an rj xx forward ice if you think they are going to jump.