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I don't know if here is the correct place, if not some mod can move this please.

Compilation of CPU abuse, including many things that a human simply couldn't do.

it s still a w.i.p, creator is KHOR....

1) classic corner pushback(may be changed)
2) classic jabs system(may be changed)
3) no cyrax in desert if any player picks cyrax
4) jade's returnarang works vs cpu
5) explosive always on
6) ejb menu access instead of classic menu
7) AAMA text and color is changed
8) default values when game starts first time is: freeplay is on and volume level is louder. No error screen when game loads defaults (it speedup online games if your rom will be used online).
9) cpu difficulty is very hard by default
10) extended fatality time
11) cursor moved to master battleplan by default
12) cursor automatically hold on last game mode
13) juggernauts hack battleplans, excluding first and fifth plans
14)5 seconds hold start reset the game(only when control character)
15) Scoripion and Human Smoke harpoon voice bug is fixed
16) no restrictions for animality and babality
17) select screen have same background image as tehdrewsus hack
18) characters more down on character screen
19) shao kahn fights on rooftop
20) characters bio rotation instead of 4 static bios(texts not displayed correctly)
21) jhack avatars for hsmoke and noob saibot (not works in battleplan)
22) bio character in blue portal zone(wish to random all stages)
23) deleted energy bar on attraction mode (rain fake energy bar also deleted)
24) training mode(instead of 8 player tournament) (3 sec hold start becomes "sans power" code)
25) round not ends until you finish your combo (w.i.p)
26)fixed noob vs noob palette at vs screen
27)p1 always has first palette, p2 always has second palette
28)fatalities not check distance
29)Cpu always finish with pit, both fatalities, animaltiy or friendship
30)New issue for finishers: "character wins", fatality action, text: "fatality"
31) at finish him, runmeter is infinite
32) green energy bar
33) yellow run meter(now i know why my run button is yellow ;) )

MKK hanzo

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Wow LONG TIME without posting overe here. I hope everyone is ok, and as usual, Im sharing the MK matches from recent casuals and tournaments now in Colombia!

Head over as usual to my channel, dont forget to sub!


BTW I just set up a Patreon and Paypal donation links. We want to buy better sticks, repair damaged ones, buy a capture card etc but things have been rough lately on my side, so any help is welcome!

Bless all!
Sorry for not putting this up earlier, I forgot about this site to be honest. But here's an interview I conducted with TehDrewsus. Hope everyone watches and enjoys.