UFGT8's Mortal Kombat Stream Action Coverage Hub w/ Results (so far)

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    Updated information below: Our apologies for the confusion* The next Road to Evo 2012 event is upon us already and from the looks of it those at home may tune in tonight at 9PM CST / 10PM EST / 7PM PST via LevelUpLive's Channel or FocusFireFeed's Channel - since we're not sure which channel, we have to assume it'll be the secondary channel via FocusFireFeed. Tonight's Mortal Kombat action will begin Pool D and the players in the pool are listed below. Be sure to tune in and see who makes the first two Top 8 slots!

    Update: Due to JFK flight errors by their apparent staff NOT properly informing REO and the CD Bros (Maxter decided to go last minute and CD Jr), they will NOT be able to attend UFGT8. Therefore, this changes a lot. You can hear directly from them in the comments below as to what happened. NOTE: JFK is apparently crediting them by a trip to CEO in late June.

    Update #2: Okay, now apparently Mortal Kombat is going to be streamed tomorrow. Why? I do not know... but we would like to offer our apologies for the confusion. So as of now, we will not see Mortal Kombat on stream until 4PM PST/6PM Central/7PM EST according to this schedule.

    Update #3 Saturday Evening: Just got word from Pig Of The Hut and this is 100% confirmed by him that we will be seeing Mortal Kombat on stream (assuming semi-finals) via FocusFireFeed at 8PM EST/7PM Central Time. Get Ready!

    Friday 9 PM -Pool D
    Alexander Smith
    GGA soonk
    Nathan Shields
    Pig of The Hut
    Tyler Sanderson

    Pool Reminder for Saturday...
    Saturday 10 AM - Pool F
    AR Jody Tha Great
    EG JWong
    GGA Dizzy
    GGA MOE30W
    Glass Sword
    LB NYChrisG

    Saturday 12 PM - Pool G
    vVv | CD jr
    FR Clint the BEAST
    GGA Fill Pops
    OTG Gengar
    Shogun of Live
    GGA Medina
    WNBA MK Peanuts

    Saturday 2 PM - Pool H
    GGA 16 Bit
    DMG Juicebox
    DRS|MCZ Kevo Da MaN
    GGA Jeremiah
    Nexus | Semi Evil Ryu
    TFA|RZR Chauncy "TRU" Talon
    vVv REO


    Top 16 Winners (so far) via Delriach, SRK
    • GGA 16 Bit (Kitana)
    • Pig of the Hut (Mileena)
    • Slips (Scorpion)
    • GGA Dizzy (Johnny Cage)
    • IKizzle (Sektor)
    • ClinttheBeast (Sonya Blade)
    • KevoDaMan (Kabal)
    • Tom Brady (Sub-Zero?)
    Top 16 Losers (so far) via Delriach, SRK
    • Delriach (Sindel)
    • GGA SoonK (Kabal)
    • STB Brainstorm (Nightwolf)
    • fLoE (Johnny Cage)
    • GGA Fill Pops (Noob/Kenshi)
    • D-Que Beats (Cyrax)
    • GGA Jeremiah (Sheeva?)
    • JTG (?)
    Saturday Stream Update:
    Update #3 Saturday Evening: Just got word from Pig Of The Hut and this is 100% confirmed by him that we will be seeing Mortal Kombat on stream (assuming semi-finals) via FocusFireFeed at 8PM EST/7PM Central Time. Get Ready!

    On Sunday....
    At 4PM Central, Mortal Kombat will be worked down to Top 4 and at 6:30PM Central Mortal Kombat Top 4 will finish, tune in to www.leveluplive.tv !
  2. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    No REO, CD jr or Maxter. They got DICKED at the airport today. :(
  3. Faded Dreams V

    Faded Dreams V Retired June 2012. Unretired June 2013.

    Pretty sure 16 Bit is now in Pool D.
  4. Pikachu

    Pikachu I Pikachu while you shower.

    This tournament all of a sudden got interesting.
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    STORMS Owner / Director

  6. Wait, your telling me that they won't be at the tournament?
  7. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY buff erron
    Premium Supporter

    damn that sucks..
  8. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

  9. damn that suck they cant go. airports can be a pain. im sure they can get their money if they talk to the right people.
  10. Under_The_Mayo

    Under_The_Mayo Master of Quanculations
    Premium Supporter


    Oh my god they're playing Star Wars Master of the Teras Kasi or whatever its called. This is epic. Chewy's Down1 is like 4 times the range of kitana's.
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  11. missed their flight due to the airline changing gates at the last minute and not telling them.
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  12. REDRUM

    REDRUM www.twitter.com/redrum26

    It's true cdjr, maxter and REO got totally dicked at the airport today. They lost out on a lot of money and will not be attending ufgt :(

  13. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
    Lead Moderator

    If it was a airport mistake wouldn't they put them on another flight free of charge???
    Or did they just not ask questions? Cause airports do change spots, but they report it when they do and the signs right there by the gates show what fights are leaving and coming.

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  14. Enigma642

    Enigma642 Noob

    This could be a work...
  15. sub_on_dubs

    sub_on_dubs Nerf me till I'll melt

    I don't know how it's interesting without Vsm there, but at least someone else will win for a change. So they are streaming tonight? That's good news because I thought they were only streaming one pool on Saturday.
  16. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    Man it's less interesting without those guys there but I will support everyone else by watching. Good luck to all.
  17. REDRUM

    REDRUM www.twitter.com/redrum26

    . Jet Blue switched gates on them and that caused them to miss the flight. This is one of the busiest weekends for the Airports so just getting a new flight must have been impossible.
  18. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    But the airline NOT refunding them is bullshit. I'd threaten litigation.
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  19. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
    Lead Moderator

    But that's normal for them to change gates, they have big lighted signs with what flights are coming in and out right outside the gates.

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  20. Dark_Rob

    Dark_Rob Noob

    Wow that sucks. Sorry REO CD jr Maxter That blows guys. Does anyone know if REO got home ok? I will come scoop him if hes stranded somewhere.
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  21. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    So there is no chance that they will be making it? There goes all the hype out the door...

    Anyways.. GO Pig Of The Hut!
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  22. Maxter

    Maxter Noob

    We were at the airport since 3 in the morning, flight was a 7:55, they didn't announce a gate change maybe because they didn't expect people being at the airport so early and having those boarding tickets with that gate ,we were tired and didn't think about checking the gates before departing, by the time we checked and find out this gate was going to Aruba and after the attendants told us that they switched it and go around a mile in the goddamn airport they shut the gate right on our face 10 minutes before departure, i fought to death with these peopel and there wasn't a flight going to chicago until 3:55 pm, i threaten with lawsuit and they pretended to care about us, we had no choice than getting the 3:55 pm flight which was full already and they would have us on stand by, they assured that we will get an spot on that flight, after waiting 8 more hours because that flight was late, they didn't have a spot for us being on stand by. they should understand not everyone has experienced this kind of crap before, at least i hadn't and never knew gates were subject to change. FUCK JET BLUE
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  23. REO

    REO Undead
    Premium Supporter

    To the people who think we're lying and didn't attempt to go at all because we were "scared" or some other (soap bar in my mouth) excuse... Here is proof that we were there:

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  24. Maxter

    Maxter Noob

    Who paid for my registration fee at ufgt?, i lost my cellphone yesterday and couldn't contact 16 bits, cd jr told me someone there took care of that, i just want to pay whatever i Owe and focus on how to fuck the shit out of JET fucking Blue
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  25. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    video isnt working and who the fuck doesnt believe you? lol
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