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TYM to cover the Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal in Los Angeles and London!


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Wish I could go... Grateful for the invite though. Thanks Tyler <3

Have a blast guys.

Johnny Based Cage

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Bruhhhh! All the congrats in the world to you both. That’s hype af and I don’t think there’s a soul left on this site (couple of weeks ago I could have ended the sentence right there lol) who would disagree with your capability to rep us diehards to the death. Good. Fucking. Shit!

Saltea Moonspell

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I really want to go there! lets drink some beers man!
Unless this event sucks me in like a hurricane houses in the Mexico, I will be looking for good company and a cheap beer access. I hope the venue is not going to be as tight as "The Pit", and there will some room to breath.

I will get my Discord restored, that should provide us with a steady communication.


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Aww no... this is how it starts. First NRS invites you to an event. Soon Tyler will be in the back sharing drugs and women. Before we know, TYM will be one of them. By 2020, we'll start hearing excuses why the old netcode is best for all involved. This is the beginning of the end...

(jk, great news!)
me and some other tymers would like to attend to the london event.
i am not able to find any link or any important infos about it or was not intended that people should come there?