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Discussion in 'Tremor' started by Braindead, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Hor_PeT

    Hor_PeT PeT

    @InFlames one more frame question if you know: what is the ideal frame data ("start up speed") of the flash parry ("ideal" = without the minimal amount of run and fastest possibility to drop an F1).

    It might be written down before but I have not found it yet.
  2. InFlames

    InFlames dead

    You mean the fastest a flash parry can possibly be?
  3. Hor_PeT

    Hor_PeT PeT

    Yes exactly. It might be irrelevant but I would like to know how fast his "armor launcher" is. There are videos for demonstration but I like knowing the numbers if it is possible (personal curiosity).
    In the lab I found flashparry+F1 quite the same speed as his krystal slam without cancel (so around 13F or a bit slower) but my personal observation and execution can trick me (stamina goes at max around 42-44% when I perform the F1, I couldnt do it faster to reach 50% but that makes sense).
  4. ShArp

    ShArp Dedicated Broly main

    "Welcome to my crystall house, traveler. That corner is not the place you want to be in"
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  5. marietta1200

    marietta1200 Best Coast
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    Just checking in after not touching this game for a year and a half (had a kid, have a career, blah blah blah) and I’m happy to see Tremor not only relevant but kinda cleaning up out there. S/o to the international Tremor players that have kept me watching tournies (albeit late) and staying interested even after the game’s “death” or whatever. Props to @Killer Xinok @YUZU_RZA and whoever else kept leveling up with this dude.
  6. T-box88

    T-box88 Noob

    He remains a strong character cuz of flash parry only character in the game currently with one bar launching armor. (SOME special circumstances for raiden i suppose too, just not as practical) And meter burn roller pressure got good cuz of the removal of most armored launching specials. Its MUCH easier to commit to pressure now. This character is a monster
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