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Top 5 things you dislike about MK11

5. The soundtrack...having also played a lot of Tekken and observed a lot of KI, I would love for a stronger emphasis on some good ass music in the future.

4. Unlocking everything. I know it's purely cosmetic and ultimately doesn't affect the actual gameplay...but I really love all the different taunts and intros and brutalities in the game! That said, knowing how much time I would have to put into the towers to unlock all that stuff actually kept me from learning a new character at certain times when I could only play online.

3. The non-universal, universal mechanics. It gives characters more diversity and (probably) helps balance the game. But I didn't like, at the beginning of the game, having to figure out what U2/3s and D2s were good or sucked. "Character A can FB U2 this thing but character B has to go with FB U3 cuz their U2 is trash."

2. Fatal Blows not costing a single thing and/or regenerating. Would prefer the Tekken route where it's one and done per round on hit/block/whiff. Or at least costing...something.

1. Jax isn't top 3 ;p
  1. Lack of character depth/gimmicks/unique play styles
  2. Soundtrack
  3. Single player grinding for unlockables
  4. Lack of overall care and communication for the game.
  5. Fatal blow is a lazy and uninteresting comeback mechanic.


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  1. Mechanics - Hop, breakaway, flawless block, fatal blow, getup attacks, automatic meter & just everything new they added that wasn’t in MKX.
  2. Cosmetics - We don’t need 10 different colours of the same skin some & all the different unnecessary cosmetic bullshit. I don’t like most of the redesigns of returning characters. I was looking forward to Skarlet’s black costume that was in the MKX comic.
  3. Ladders - We don’t need 1000 different ladders.
  4. Variations - Just stupid, I liked the MKX variation system or the MK9 variation system: none.
  5. Characters - Kollector is basically Watto from Star Wars but can fight, Geras is pretty boring basically humanoid Doomsday with lame powers, Cetrion is actually pretty cool & Kronika is lacklustre. They even made some of the returning characters lame or annoying like Cassie had a great personality in MKX & quick witted but in MK11 she falls flat.

    Extra Bit:
    It’s a no brainer that NRS was so heavily criticized for crunch because going from MK9 & MKX to MK11, MK11 is almost unrecognizable in terms of gameplay. They are completely different games there’s nothing subtle in the changes that were made.
Unrealized variation system. It could be so good, but they just left half the abilities in their release day's useless state. As a result many of the characters have One True Build.

Fatal blows. I like some comeback mechanics, but it shouldn't be the case that dropping someone to 30% health while you're at 50% makes you feel like you're the one in danger. And to top it off, repeatedly having to watch those 10sec cinematics every single match...

The music. It should get you pumped up, not be apologetically trying to blend into the background.

Not getting the unlocks for playing the actual game online vs people, but for setting the AI to grind towers.

No WiFi filter. This one is just spiteful. Why have a great netcode and then make it look the worst it can?
Another thing is that the game is a damn memory hog. Takes about 108 GB according to the Steam notification that pops up before installing. Meanwhile you got another fighting game like Soul Calibur VI at about 20 GB and it only came out about half a year before MK11.


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Another thing is that the game is a damn memory hog. Takes about 108 GB according to the Steam notification that pops up before installing. Meanwhile you got another fighting game like Soul Calibur VI at about 20 GB and it only came out about half a year before MK11.
You can delete the Movies folder to free up a ton of space. The game will still work fine. Story Mode becomes pretty funny since it just jumps from fight to fight, skipping all cinematics.


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If we are talking purely about the mechanics of the games and not the story or customizations, id say

  • Grab KBs do too much damage for a 50/50 move
  • Not all KBs force you to change your general strategy (ie for some characters, getting a KB is inevitable as it fits with the general strat of the character...bicycle kick KB ex. Other characters have KBs that will rarely be seen as it forces them to needlessly use meter or do something they shouldnt do)
  • Despite being supposedly heavily based on footsies, some characters' strategy revolves around overhead/low guess work
  • Breakaways
  • Spawn's projectile parry has the range of a medium strength sneeze


1. The risk/reward in this game is completely borked.

2. The risk/reward in this game is completely borked.

3. The risk/reward in this game is completely borked.

4. The risk/reward in this game is completely borked.

5. The risk/reward in this game is completely borked.
  1. Juggle combos being scaled down
  2. Wake up / defensive mechanics
  3. Variations
  4. General weirdness of gameplay not really feeling like an MK game
  5. Overly bloated gear system.


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1- Boring gameplay in general, some mechanics are copy/paste from SF5 the unique ones(Breakaway,Fatal Blow) at the other hand are just ridicilious. Boring hitconfirms except some DLCs like Fujin or Joker.
2- Ermac and some classic characters that ppl loves so much are eliminated at the begining for some reason. Don't say they need to rest okey, they are not actual biologic living things, if Smoke needs to rest why not Johnny or Sonya? Stop giving us meaningless reasons and boring characters instead. Make a pool and find out who are your most loved 20 or 25 characters and put them in every MK game.
3- Story mode getting worse game by game. Shinnok defeated by Cassie, Shao Kahn by Kitana, what is the next miserable plan that Nrs has for the next MK? Onaga getting defeated by Jacqui? Woman powaaaaa heyooooo..
4- Unnecassary lies "there are 60 skins for every character-this game has no in-game purchase etc" why are you doing this? Nrs is a big fg game company if it is not the biggest.
5- Bad communication.
lack of communication

not fixing a move after saying it has been fix. (kano's spit string, etc)

lack of extreme character dept. it seemed like they were going in the direction of more character dept with ij2 and mkx, but mk11 went backward a little.

being slow to pc and other ports (second class consumers)


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1. Custom variations at this point were mostly a waste of development effort. As fluffy said: "they just left half the abilities in their release day's useless state. As a result many of the characters have One True Build."

2. Krushing Blow variance in power and triggers is disappointing. They introduced a really explosive mechanic that potentially is hype as fuck but then chained many characters to the wall so they would rarely (if ever) get any non-D2 KBs.

3. Crutch character designs. Many characters have something good/great so they're horrendously hindered elsewhere (despite the likes of Jacqui, Liu, Joker, Johnny, Kabal, etc. existing as jack of all trades, master of all too). Jade relies entirely on two variation specials to be good while having a slew of useless normals and strings. D'Vorah is mediocre at best yet is likely never to receive any more help because she has one of the most terrifying moves in the game. Skarlet has good zoning so she's borderline suicidal at close range. Kitana has decent zoning and great KBs so she's got shit movement and no ability to shimmy / open anyone up. Health changes.

4. Illogical design decisions. This ties in with the krushing blow issue but is much larger overall. Why are Sonya, Sub, and Scorpion's armor breakers moves that can only break on big launches like D2 KB? Why does the premier top tier pressure character have access to a good projectile that also does DoT and can be angled to anti-air? Why is the best zoner in the game capable of pumping out autopilot block pressure for chip, neutral reset, and safety without spending any meter? Why Kabal's air slight gas? Who decided that some characters were gunna baseline ignore High attack pressure options despite crouch blocking? Who decided that Sheeva stomp needed to be buffed to either be hard countered by a few specific characters or impossible to deal with, then turn around and basically delete the move? Why the Sheeva health nerf? Why some mid commands grabs but others high? Why is D'Vorah's F4 overhead (which results in mild damage and a knockdown too short to enforce Strepsiptera) short ranged, slow, and suicide on block? Who in the fuck designed Johnny's KBs (aside from Throwing Shades)?

5. While not technically any fault of the game itself, it has directly soured my liking of it: NRS dropped this game like a bad habit when it comes to non-pro support. This is extra funny cause many pros themselves have been feeling burned out and making videos of desired changes. Something as simple as some minor buffs to underperforming characters could really spice up pro play while simultaneously satisfying casuals.
  1. Nearly all of new mechanics (Kb,fb, universal wake up, auto meter). I would take the simple combo gameplay if cheese like KBFB didn't exist.
  2. The zoomed in camera.
  3. The streer fighter stages.
  4. Not very well executed customization and variation systems.
  5. Og popular characters being dlc.
1. 3D era characters being forgotten about again

2. Cinematic story mode is well and good but I must admit I miss when the story mode was an adventure game on it's own. Krypt was a cool proof-of-concept.

3. Some characters get more customization love than others. If i'm not too big on Baraka I can turn him into Killer Croc, Geras into Darkseid, Scorpion into Reptile. Nightwolf gets barely anything.

4. Kronika.

5. Of all the DC characters they could have picked Joker fits least into MK in my opinion.


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1. I hate how NRS handles balancing. I think a lot of tier and balance issues would be resolved if they focused more on buffing weak characters versus nerfing strong characters. I firmly believe that unless a character is broken, or is so good that they are single handedly dominating the meta, I don’t think they deserve to be nerfed. I hate this idea that if a character is good, they need to be toned down. It’s okay for a character to be great, and to have great moves, frame data, etc. There’s so many benefits to primarily focusing on buffing opposed to nerfing. My thing is when you focus more on nerfing the top 5 or whatever, this creates a cycle where the next in line will just be complained about next. And eventually, every character has been nerfed so much, every character is incredibly boring to play as and play against. I’d much rather play a game where most characters are good and have their own dirt, than a game where every character is weak for the sake of balance. To put it in another way, I’d rather play a game that is fun and chaotic than to play a game that is super well balanced but insanely dull. (That said, buffing the lower tiers will actually lead to better balance by itself anyway. I was just saying, even if the buffing led to an unbalanced game, I’d still prefer it over a boring “balanced” nerf fest)

2. Because they chose the balancing decisions they have, I only enjoy playing as like 3 characters. And one of those, Jacqui, I just use because she is a very good character.

3. Knee Jerk nerfing good characters just because they are constantly complained about. Obviously NRS is a business and it makes the most sense to appeal to the masses. If a shit load of people are complaining about the same character, it’s only logical for NRS to “normalize” that character. The issue is, the masses in general don’t really care how good a character is. They just dislike facing the same character over and over, and even more so if they constantly lose to that character. So regardless if that character IS actually too good or not, that is irrelevant to them. They will complain about ANY character that is overused. Unfortunately, I almost always use Scorpion, and/or a character with a teleport. And TP’ing characters just so happen to usually be very popular characters. So my characters are constantly nerfed for no reason and it’s beyond frustrating.

4. How good jump ins are, and how inconsistent a lot of anti airs are. Jump in attacks should come with massive risk. It should be the last resort option, not the go to standard option. One of the reasons it’s the go to option, aside from it being really strong, is that it isn’t very likely you will be punished for it. And even if you are, the rewards far outweigh the risks. You know that you aren’t likely to consistently be punished, and in general even if you are punished, you aren’t punished very hard. Especially considering most of the time if they punish your jump in, it creates a juggle combo that you can break out of. So even if you are facing a character that has good AA’s and a player that lands them consistently, all you have to do is wait until you have meter to jump in.

5. The amount of plus on block strings, and the amount of safe strings. It doesn’t make much sense to me that a lot of characters best strings are advancing mids that are safe on block (some are even plus on block), have great fast startup, and generally lead to their BnB’s. This just further contributes to making the game boring, in my opinion of course.
Breakaway- especially the problem of accidental breakaways. Just put it on stance-switch already ffs. Easy fix!!

“Easy buttons” - jumping in general, certain characters’ uppercuts, KBs & wakeup attacks. Fatal Blow always being available.

Support already over after 2 years- we need buffs for these trash kustom moves! Why does Scorpion’s flame breath still suck? Kitana’s UpFan? Nightwolf’s moonbeam? Etc. It feels unfinished.

The Combo System. Every character feels the same.

No progression system for online ranked. Look at Tekken 7’s prowess ratings. We need something like that.


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  1. The insane amount of hand-holdy mechanics (recharging meter, recharging fatal blows, etc.)
  2. The wake-up system.
  3. Lack of combo paths and variety.
  4. Variations/customs (I prefer pronounced character archetypes and well-developed singular kits rather than allowing every character to do nearly everything).
  5. The imbalance of Krushing Blows across the cast.


I am a bit biased and have never played the game before, but let me tell you


just kidding, I know a lot of people enjoy the game and it does look super cool, but I'm a sucker for classic mk. I want to maybe branch out to MKX and try that out before maybe MK11. I like more rushdown oriented games because that's just my general playstyle across all fighting games.

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Gear. I'd like to see a return to Injustice 2 system where you could pick each individual piece of armor and I'd like you to be able to customize the colors individually. In this day and age there's NO reason why we can't look how we'd like. And if games like Fortnite or World of Warcraft have shown us anything, it's that people are willing to grind/pay to look cool.

Fatal blows (obviously).

People leaving early. Gotta figure out a system to punish that once and for all.