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Top 3 most annoying moves to deal with in MK11

Name v.5.0

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Since everyone is saying the same thing, I'm going to throw out something new...

Kano's delayed amped Kano ball - I just want to punish you for Kano balling. Stop hitting me with that amped shit. Oh you did a normal Kano ball this time? Fuck....too late to punish you. I'm such a drongo.

Louis Kang's F3 - I can deal with it, but I'm annoyed, I'm bored and I hate you. Wa WA wa WAAAAAAAAAaaahhhhhhh fuck off.

D'vorah's Ji1 - Or is it Ji2? I can never remember, but that shit has more range than John Holmes and is impossible to anti air.


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3. Jade's special kick, same reason as above.
Trying to punish the none amp version, get hit by the amp version.
I know it's not the point of this thread, but you can actually poke Jade out of her nitro kick. Source: I'm a Jade main and I get punished for throwing it out all the time. Amp or not, that move isn't safe.



  1. Scorpion teleport
  2. Sonya drone drop
  3. Shang corpse drop


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I see Cetrion in here a few times. Either ya'll don't know how long her start ups and recoveries are or she's got some dirt that I don't understand how to use. It's in all honesty probably the later, but I'd like to see this stuff.

My top 3... really just any teleport. I play a zoner, and teleports are straight up designed to deal with my playstyle. I don't think any of them are broken or need to be changed but the tool does what it should, and I do think there are a lot of people I would beat if they had to actually play through my spacing.


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Shang Tsung's d3
Geras D1

Actually, anyone will a 6 frame poke and pokes that are only -2 or -3. Not a good mix for online play.


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  1. Kronika’s time rewind
  2. Kronika’s time grenades
  3. Kronika’s teleport
(These have become the most annoying moves for me because I have stopped considering Mk11 worth playing competitively online until they address many of the moves on this thread)
  1. Scorpion's Teleport.....enough said
  2. Sub zero slide.......so much range and a low.....closes the game so good
  3. Kung Lao Teleport....... is he just jumping? Will he teleport then Throw? or will he attack? Does he do anything but jump like a hyper active kangaroo?
  1. Sub-zero slide
  2. Erron black fatal blow. My buddy mains erron and i've grown used to the dropkick but the fatal blow hits me the second i stop thinking about it.
  3. Scorpion...spear throw (forgeot the name, the get here move). Teleport is annoying and all but at least its punishable. A backdashing scorpion can attempt to teleport once but he can throw as many spears as he wants as long as there is distance and you can do nothing but shimmy block until you get close enough.


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Any special move that forces me to guess. I hate guessing, I suck at it. That's why I don't gamble, or I'd be dirt poor.


There it is...
1: any character with a machine gun d3
2:. Cetrions 11
3: everything erron does basically