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Top 3 most annoying moves to deal with in MK11

For me it would be

1. Erron's drop kick, Im having huge trouble to see whether the drop kick or slide is coming except it's from full screen.
I don't think there is a move Im getting hit by more in MK11 than the drop kick.

2. Scorp's tele, ye Ive seen many ppl say and posted vids about how you can react vs the none amp version, but trying this online
is rly hard. I tried to time my jab into hit confirm as late as I could after I blocked the teleport, yet Im still getting hit by the amp tele 2nd hit.
And when Im too worried about the amp tele, scorp's normal tele gets away because Im hitting jab too late and the scorp player is already blocking.

3. Jade's special kick, same reason as above.
Trying to punish the none amp version, get hit by the amp version.

Maybe I need to lab more, but these 3 moves are hella annoying to deal with or at least for me.


Not Good Enough
  1. Erron’s Fatal Blow
  2. Cassie’s Kneecappin’
  3. Don’t know what else to put, so I guess the Reborn Teleport Cancel. I have no idea how to stuff this move besides guessing correctly that Scorpion is going to let the Teleport rip. Everytime he cancels it, I usually get thrown or its his turn with a jab.


  1. Scorpion's teleport
  2. Jacqui's cancels
  3. Erron's FB
  4. Geras's FB
  5. Pokes
  6. Baraka's F44
  7. Liu Kang's F43
  8. Cetrion's rocks
  9. Kabal's jump in
Couldn't restrain just to 3 moves...


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1) Absurd Fatal Blows- I'm talking the Erron, Geras, Kabal, etc types of Fatal Blows. I'll never miss an opportunity to point out how ridiculously stupid Fatal Blows are. Game altering stupidity. Nothing is more annoying than playing a great match, just for the opponent to get to 30% and it comes to a screeching halt because you have to watch out for the life-ending Fatal Blow.

2) Scorpion's Teleport- The only people that like this move in it's current form are Scorpion players. When the best players in the world are getting hit with regular-to-amp tele off block, you know something is wrong. Let alone the silliness behind the cancel. The move in it's current form does not fit this game at all.

3) Erron's Two OH/or Low/or Meterless Launch/or Scud Cancel bs- This isn't MKX, but once in a while it is.


Oh, my days !
Annoying moves for me are long reaching normals like Kabal's and Skarlet's..

In addition, I would say that I hate when the animations of a d1 or a string is weird looking and I end up NOT understanding what's going on on-screen. Sonya is an example in this category. I don;t understand where her strings end cancels end in order to react to. Shang Tsung has a weird string that looks like a d3 or d4 as well.
Stuff like that annoy me.

Son ov Timett

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1.Cetrion's air fire bs (Massive push back, just a slow chip death while ye needle your way in.)

2.Scorpion's Tele Cancel (Obnoxious, with uber fast meter regen. Dude always has bar for cancel shenanigans)

3.Sonya's B12, into d3. (Ye sit there waiting to punish full string which ye have to be on point with due to lack of block stun, player stop's short and ye get a d3 check for your trouble. Unless ye have a fast af mid combo starter you're arguing with a taser.)


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Random Sub slides (don´t know why, they just get me every damn time)
Fatal Blows (Erron…….)
D1´s (don´t bother me at all, most go for a throw after and I duck those and KB D2)
  1. d1 throw
  2. Erron FB amd similar FBs. (maybe Erron in general)
  3. KB's such as the grab KB. Fuck it, you have to train to NOT trying to tech throws.
Erron Black is S tier. Erron Black with Fatal Blow is S+++. What kind of counterplay is there for a full screen 10f, multi hitting, air confirming fatal blow.

Fuck, i mean we're lucky it doesn't hit behind him too.

Also, universal wakeup options are super strong but add fatal blows to the mix and i almost feel that the person who got knocked down has the ADVANTAGE. Wake-up fatal blow is legit.