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The TYM "What Do You Look Like" Thread

Dankster Morgan

she don’t call me daddy she call me Grandmaster
Basically the only thing I got on my phone and not sure why it's so big.....that's what she said

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Found this gem too, me (Sub) and the Mrs. with a buddy of mine. Can't really see my face but I won a costume contest that night.
Mountain biking is awesome, I live in the perfect place for it, the desert sandstone is great and still being within 1-2hrs of anything I wanna do in Colorado mountains

Second Saint

A man with too many names.
There are very few pictures of me because cameras steal your soul I had self esteem issues growing up and some things don't go away with age. This is the most recent one from like 2017 at a tournament that I didn't know was being taken. I was probably vigorously mashing d1~tantrum at the time, and keyboard players, while rare, do occasionally venture forth from their natural habitat in search of prey with less input lag. I got 3rd.