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The TYM "What Do You Look Like" Thread


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I've been a member of this site since 2011 and just realized that I have no idea who most of you people are. It's 2020 and privacy is already a thing of the past, so why not post a pic of yourself? I'll start:

...just kidding...

Here's my wife and me from about 2 years ago:

As a bonus, here is me after using electric shears to cut my own hair during quarantine... I was just going to shave my head, but my wife wasn't having it.

And here's me high as fuck around 2005...

So let's see it! Who's the person behind the user name? Couldn't be any worse than what I've posted,...
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1st pic you look like Ben Shapiro if he never found god.
2nd pic looks like she left you and took everything, including your chin
3rd I'm trying to find links to the status bar, can anyone point it out?


Oh thanks man.
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