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The Slips and Hippo Show Ep. 12 - The One About The Stress Test and Castlevania


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Castlevania Bloodlines is one of my favorite games, John Morris is such a badass. I've played it thousands of times. I also got @Check into it, now it's one of his favorite games. It's one of the CVs I've beat without dying once, along with Castlevania Chronicles. The graphics, gameplay, music, are all great. It's only 6 stages, but they're packed with fun and replay-ability. It's one of those games you can quickly pop in, and play through in about a couple hours.

I didn't want to triple post but yes Bloodlines has gotta be a top 5 games easy on the Genesis and on par with the best of the classic Castlevania's. It's very surprising how good the music is considering the Genesis is notorious for cringy ear piercing music.


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I looked through your playlist @Slips and you have some really good taste.
TMNT into song! GGXX! Battletoads & Double Dragon! Silius!
Oh yea this is definitely going on the next long drive I have to a tournament.


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Really enjoyed this. One of my favorite pods, i liked the discussion on the evolving mind games/options on block.


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Speaking of Castlevania and music in videogames, I just came across this video:

Some of it's a little heavy into the whole Music Theory aspect, but even if you don't know the ins and outs of music theory it's still pretty interesting.