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The Impending Update Thread (Predictions and Wishlist)


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With the upcoming release of 3 new characters, it's inevitable that we'll be receiving a major balance patch. Mostly as a way to pass the time until the 26th, I created this thread to discuss update predictions and ideal changes. So, let's hear it! What changes do you think will most likely make it into the update and what would be your dream changes? These can include character buffs and nerfs, gameplay overhauls, changes to online (like adding WiFi filters), or anything else your heart desires.


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For me, I would like Jade's amplified rang to connect on block, allowing her to actually take advantage of the plus frames. I'd like to see some counterplay added to Kabal in the way of flawless-blockable gaps or some of his tools being made slightly less safe. I'd like Lao and Jax to be deleted from online play. And this is certainly wishful thinking, but I'd like the window to tech throws to be increased for online play, possibly based on the amount of ping. Too many times I'll know a throw is a coming and be ready to tech, but by the time the animation comes out, it's already too late.

I also wouldn't mind a bit more damage scaling, especially for Fatal Blow kombos and unbreakable kombos. Losing a match because you made one mistake that cost you 50% of your healthbar is just not fun or exciting.

The only other big change I can think of is to reduce the downtime between matches. I feel like I spend as much time looking at menus and useless currency updates as I do playing the game.

Oh yeah, and remove variable frames on block or hit.

Oh, and make Shao Kahn playable. I wouldn't be against a total character overhaul for him. He's just a turd of a character right now.

Damn, I keep thinking of more. Make some of the useless variations usable, like Spawn's gun variation. It's easy to see what specials and overall variations are underperforming. I'd like to see these variations and specials buffed before the overpowered variations and specials are nerfed, honestly.
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Dream changes:

Overhaul Raiden's Truth & Lightning variation. Make Jo Push 1 slot instead of 2, and let Raiden get his floaty stance move. Let the floaty stance lightning work with the Lightning Rod. Let Lighting Rod stay out at least 15 seconds unless Raiden recalls it. Extend the amount of time AMP rod lasts.

- WIFI and ping filters for Kombat League (No WIFI users, up to 100 ping max)

- Speed up matchmaking. It's like waiting for a Commodore 64 game to load

- Jukebox or alternate soundtrack by an actual musician because the music in MK11 sucks

- More colorful and vibrant stages with less shit in them, preferably classic ones

- Everybody gets a popup that pops high enough for fatal blow to beat breakaway

- Alternatively just get rid of breakaway entirely and give us a damn combo breaker that resets to neutral

- Breakway gets triggered by d+stance switch

- Interactables do not take priority over amplified specials

- Fix combo inconsistencies with female characters. Some characters have to alter their combo routes and timings because on females everything becomes a 1 frame link or just flat out doesn't work.

- Fix whiffing issues like Spawns s1 on crouch blocking females, Scorpion's 11 on crouch blocking Johnny Cage, I think Johnny's fireball still whiffs on certain characters when used as an ender and whatever other millions of hit and hurtbox inconsistencies this game still has.

- Fix the fucking Krypt so people can at least unlock concept art, music and all the other shit that's unobtainable for over a year now.

- Replace the third augment slot saying "Coming Soon" with "Coming Never"


- d1 and/or d3 give 12-15 frames advantage on hit so you can actually hit confirm a poke into s1 to jail like Baraka, Joker, Spawn and god knows how many other characters can


- Give her at least one fucking string that hits mid and doesn't either have a huge gap in it or leaves her unsafe

Basically everything I hope for which I also know won't happen because NRS is run by a bunch of idiots.


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my dream change is that we can do character tower requirements online. Or unlock some cosmetics based on win streaks or number of wins
Just guessing what they'd do and not putting out a wishlist:

They'll probably make changes to wakeup rolls and breakaway. I can't fathom they'll do a big character-specific balance patch when they're adding three new faces all at once (who will all inevitably need tweaking later) but I guess it's possible

Also I suspect a significant overhaul of the augments system which I'll also predict will do nothing because holy shit what a mess.
  • Some nerf to Fatal Blows. Either they go away if you whiff, there's character-specific FB nerfs or something different. Basically, make me actually think about whether or not to use a FB.
  • Make teching throws more interesting. Let me tech some other way than making a read that you're about to throw, and then guessing which throw you chose. I get there's strategy behind this, and you can kinda tell by context, blah blah blah, but ultimately even the most strategic version of this this becomes a rock/paper/scissors where "since I know that you know that I know which throw I should choose in this situation..." It just doesn't really add anything for me and makes for unsatisfying poke/throw fests. Being able to reliably tech throws in this game has a terrible cost/benefit payoff in terms of a skill to focus on. Even if I get really good at this, I don't get much out of it other than just not getting thrown.
  • Allow custom variations and focus completely on responding to insane balance problems that come out of that over the next few months.
  • Some change to the breakaway mechanic. I hate that Scorpion has full combos that I can't break out of any part of, but a character that happens to have a BNB that relies on me being airborne doesn't enjoy the same luxury.
  • Give Shao Kahn some help. The man's a legend.

* Modest, character-specific frame data changes. Maybe a slight Shao buff and/or Raiden buff.


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They can’t buff Shao. He’s supposed to be the comic relief of the game!


And now we wait...


I want:
  • Color options for the HUD, like MKX white, klassic green, Aftermath orange/red, etc.
  • Option for human select screen portraits for the revenants
  • Better input for Breakaways
  • Find some way to allow us to switch costumes for Tournament Variations online on the select screen
  • New requirements for the KBs that are almost impossible to do in a real match to make them easier (I hate useless KBs)
  • Make Fatal Blow cooldown longer or make it a one time use
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Let us pick the character we want to use before we queue into a match so people can't dick around on the select screen. Only go to the select screen after the first match if someone wants to switch.

my dream change is that we can do character tower requirements online. Or unlock some cosmetics based on win streaks or number of wins
I thought they made it so online would count or was that just for the severed heads in the Krypt?
Throw damage is now 12%
All D1’s are -6 on block and +12 on hit for consistent jailing
Fatal blows go away on block, whiff, and dash cancel with no pushback on block.
Anti Airs are consistent
Hitbox adjustments
Practical requirements on KB’s
Wake up roll has more recovery
All variations are actually viable


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I agree with many things that have already been said but honestly, I'd like to see more Fb gaps. So many characters like Joker, Terminator, Kabal, Johnny barely have any gaps to their strongest strings.
Specific character changes:
Kitana: 11F B1, Dial-ins removed. More hit advantage on Fan toss and upwards fan toss is now part of fanfare.
Jade: A consistent way to get more damage, this is heavily needed in Jaded and Untameable. Also some of her strings like F42 and B12 make no sense being unsafe for what they offer.