1. Gunnxr


    I want this to be a place to discuss anything related to Fujin's match-ups. Whether that means match-up scores, tech for certain matchups, annoying things about certain matchups, or anything else is completely up to you guys. Fujin is by far the character I have spent the most time with out of...
  2. NickandAutumn

    New Stage Brutality and How to do it

    Hold down during hit to perform this stage brutality
  3. NickandAutumn

    Third Augment Slot Will Finally be Available

    Finally we will have the third augment slot on May 26th with the Afteramth patch.
  4. RoboCop

    The Impending Update Thread (Predictions and Wishlist)

    With the upcoming release of 3 new characters, it's inevitable that we'll be receiving a major balance patch. Mostly as a way to pass the time until the 26th, I created this thread to discuss update predictions and ideal changes. So, let's hear it! What changes do you think will most likely make...
  5. RoboCop

    The RoboCop Thread

    Figured we could use a spot to discuss RoboCop without cluttering up the announcement threads. What we know, so far: "Robocop has a technological arsenal at his disposal including a flamethrower, riot shield, shoulder cannon with different ammunition types and, of course, his iconic Auto 9...