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General/Other The Aquaman Appreciation Thread

Do you appreciate Aquaman?

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Leggo Sinestro!
Is Batgirl possibly better than Aquaman? Although Aquaman dominates a lot of the cast batgirl has no losing matchups I think.

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
everytime i got tired of losing while playing GA, i switched to Aquaman, and Injumpstice: Scrub Among Us 50/50 mixups Edition becomed more enjoiable. So glad Aquaman is in this game


In Zoning We Trust
some jumping attacks are still inexplicably hard to anti air. Scrubs love to jump, The so-called “scrubby jump technique” has even been adopted by a few high level players (no offense)

the most powerful aspect of Injustice: GAU is the mix up. The 50/50 mix up is the scrubbiest aspect of Injustice: GAU

Martian Manhunter teleport, which must have been developed with scrubs in mind. Never before has such a scrubby teleport special move been designed in the history of fighting games.
Hilarious considering MKX followed this. -.-
Poor Sektor :(

But Aquaman mains, rejoice in his name for this be the era of the NEW Atlantian! Misses and Misters, rejoice for time is nigh and the thunder and lightning are rejoicing as they both combine into making our lord Aquaman, into the king of the sea and the earth once more! Rejoice and pledge your allegiance once more as you did back then to an even greater cause now!