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Tech (That's how Nightwing do!) Intractable BNB/Setup/tech. Thread


I want Kronika to step on my face
Braindead, my Dick in Arms... You have no idea of what you have just started.
EDIT- Nice find @Braindead, the swag levels are over 9000

Yeah that shit is broken as fuck. I knew you could carry them and use the machine gun.

I'm pretty sure we can find an untechable setup. I think I already have one off a crossup J2, but I want that Flip Kick Of Death!

BTW I think this works with other similar bombs as well, like the rocket in Ferris aircraft.


Well here you go.
I got tired trying to do more to this combo. They can tech-roll before the car explode but they can't wake-up.
I still think I can find a setup where they can't tech-roll, and I also think I can change the combo to carry them all the way to the other corner and use the machine gun. But my execution sucks.

This is exactly why I hated the fact I never recorded my tech. I've been using this bomb reset for awhile. I covered it in 1 video.. including a touch of death on insurgency.. if I can find it ill post.


I want Kronika to step on my face
I found a way to use corner interactables when you have your opponent cornered and you start a combo. This gets Nightwing a few OTGs from a couple of stages, like using the fire interactable on Watchtower. I'll capture videos and post soon.


I want Kronika to step on my face
Yeah I know you can combo off the bomb on the monitors because they bounce a little higher than the car in metropolis. I only found recently that you actually have time to hit people after the car bomb. I didn't know there was enough time.

I remember your video back when you posted it btw.
@EMPEROR PRYCE I just noticed that what I said here is total nonsense. Nevermind it :)
Props for finding that so long ago.

Do you know how you can use corner interactables mid combo? Should I post it or is it known?


I want Kronika to step on my face
Dont even worry man lol its no sweat..

U should post that tho, that sounds sexy.
Yeah it's sexy, useful, and practical on stages like Watchtower with those fire interactables. You hit someone with a B2 while cornering them you get 45% meterless, bait a wakeup and punish with F213 you get like 52% meterless.
I just need to record a lot of stuff because there are a lot of things I found and they need explaining.
Gonna try to record it all and post today.