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Terminator Anti-Air Combo Encyclopedia (Video)


PSN: playakid700. Local name: BFGC MonkeyBizness
I've prepared a short version and a long version!



Terminator has some of the best anti-airs in MK11, so it's important that you're able to maximize each of your combo conversions from your anti-airs.

This video will demonstrate how to do so, in addition to showing you some of his more unconventional anti-airs, which can also be incredibly rewarding.

I have timecodes here for you to click, to take you to sections in the video which are devoted to conversions off of each different anti-air.

B3: 00:58
D3: 02:28
B1: 03:48
B2: 04:58
D3, corner: 05:46
B2, corner: 06:04
B1 corner, 06:45
S1: 07:15
Psychologically Optimal Damage: 08:19 Enjoy the information, and make use of it! I have more coming soon.


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I seen your video on YouTube and I'm glad you made it. I also made a Twitter clip displaying how strong his AA's are but I feel your video is much more comprehensive. Nice job