Team MethodGG signs SylverRye, REO and MikeandIke12!

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By JagoBlakeFGC on May 15, 2017 at 4:04 PM
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    Today, an esports team called MethodGG entered the ring by signing three players for their new FGC division, which will be overseen by Nick "Spammy" Pelter. Two of these players are familiar names from the competitive lifespan of Mortal Kombat X - @SylverRye and @REO !

    Method GG Announcement.png
    In addition to the duo, MikeandIke12, Rye's former teammate from Gut Tough Gaming, joins them as a competitor for Street Fighter V's Capcom Pro Tour and Red Bull Proving Grounds. The three will make their first official appearance at Combo Breaker and EVO, events that are part of the CPT and the newly-announced Injustice 2 Pro Series.

    Method REO.jpg

    "Incredibly excited to be taking on this new journey with Method!" - Method REO


    "I'm very excited about joining Method and I will do my best at anything they have me do." - Method SylverRye


    "I am honored to join a really big organization such as Method. It means a lot to be a part of them as a representative of Street Fighter and the FGC." - Method MikeAndIke12

    Congratulations to these three players for such an opportunity! And just in time for Injustice 2's official launch tomorrow! Talk about being on point!

    Credits for this information goes to StreamMe. You can find their article here.

    SylverRye's Twitter
    REO's Twitter
    MikeAndIke12's Twitter
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by JagoBlakeFGC, May 15, 2017.

      This is awesome. 3 very humble players with a lot to offer competitively. Hope to see you all do well.
    2. Juggs
      Congrats B O Y Z
    3. Vithar
      @REO I hope you've learned your lesson with YOMI (wasting money and time picking lowtier characters and not being consistent + without main).
      Show us some MK9 Reo in Inj2 , i wish you good luck!
      Darth Mao likes this.
    4. RM Jonnitti
      RM Jonnitti
      interesting seems to be a company that has a background in WOW
    5. Azarashi Elder
      Azarashi Elder

      Hopefully that means good management and business sense.

      I genuinely hope that all eSports teams in fighting games do well.

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