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Team Dink vs Team Soup: The Quan Chi Project


I bet Claude's quan chi is shit i'm going goldfish
Hahahahahahaha......... Hahha..... Hahahahahahahah

So Goldfish and Claude VonStroke have shown interest in picking up quan chi so Insuperable and I have decided to teach them over the next few weeks and have them face off after training! Soup will be primarily training Claude while ill be training goldfish but the point is just to share quan knowledge and add to the sea of quan children! So what side are you on?? Get hype!
team soup.
Sorry fellow canadian but my real home is vsm

Reserved for Claude QuanStroke progression ;_;
Love the name.

G4S Ermacio

Orbs... Orbs everywhere
I'll enter summer jam with Quan :D lol jk kabal err day. But i do love Quan and would love to beat people with him ;)

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RM Truth

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If there's enough interest, we can either run a team battle (if there's an even amount of players), or we can run a mini tournament if there's an odd number of people. We'll let the participants decide :)

Quan Chi has been a character I've been interested in. Can I get in on this?


Add me, I'm Lady_Goldfish on PS. I'm no Dink/Soup (yet) but I'd be happy to show you what I know :D I'm usually on around 11 eastern