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Team Dink vs Team Soup: The Quan Chi Project

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So Goldfish and Claude VonStroke have shown interest in picking up quan chi so Insuperable and I have decided to teach them over the next few weeks and have them face off after training! Soup will be primarily training Claude while ill be training goldfish but the point is just to share quan knowledge and add to the sea of quan children! So what side are you on?? Get hype!


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I am so down for this. XBL or PSN?

Train me in the ways of quan

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Is this an online thing?
We'll start by starting you guys off, answering questions, etc because I think the best way to learn the basics is to learn them on your own (aside from combos). Then after like a day or two we'll start working on matchups :p

PSN and XBL. We'll invite all of you to the convo :D
are both teams on both consoles? I only have access to an xbox right now so if its only Dink available on xbox then i'll have an easier time choosing which side to go with :p