Suggested Nerfs without destroying the character?

Discussion in 'Catwoman' started by Rex24, Dec 15, 2017.


What should be nerfed about Catwoman?

  1. Nothing, leave Selina alone, she already had enough nerfs

    13 vote(s)
  2. B3 arc should change

    26 vote(s)
  3. B3 more negative on block

    28 vote(s)
  4. 33b2 should be punishable

    11 vote(s)
  5. 1f2 negative on block

    27 vote(s)
  6. All of them, I hate this bi*ch

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  1. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    So from all the complains about this character, it is pretty obvious that a nerf is imminent, to avoid destroying the character (Like they did to deadshot), what are your possible nerf suggestions that will keep catwoman playable but stop all the complains ? I think her B3 low profiling is a big issue, maybe make B3 more unsafe if they can't fix the low profiling issue?
  2. Vengeance135

    Vengeance135 Saltiest Joker Player

    Remove her from the game and buff deadshot. I want to see a barrage of meter burn everythings again :rolleyes:
  3. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    Nope lol.
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  4. Vengeance135

    Vengeance135 Saltiest Joker Player

    On a serious note, i really dont know, maybe adjusting her hurtbox in general. So much of what I try to do whiffs way to much.
  5. TamedLizard

    TamedLizard Buff George

    Definitely. B3 should be no more than -7.

    I've suggested -5 before, but that realistically wouldn't change much. She'd be easier to check or chase, but as good as it is, having our turn be completely over wouldn't be the end of the world.

    33B2 is fine. Option selectable on stagger/backdashable.

    1F2 is bae though but I won't be surprised if it gets changed. Just salty :3 but at least keep it safe so we can utilize it as a conditioning tool.
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  6. Espio

    Lead Moderator

    Mistake number one: there is no reasonable nerf to Catwoman that will stop all complaints.

    People are gonna whine no matter what so leggo.
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  7. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    I feel like that was the point of her design, she is supposed to be this slippery character, theres even an intro quote from FLASH like "you are way too slippery"
  8. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    I know! I would cry in a corner if they change 1f2 lol
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  9. BurdaA

    BurdaA Wondercat

    A damage nerf is scalable, so could bring reward in line with advantages. Bit of a simple solution, what would be a fair % reduction in your eyes be if so? (If any)
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  10. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    Overall damage nerf you mean? She has mid-high tier damage, but a slight damage nerf like black Adam wouldn't really change much imo.
  11. Vengeance135

    Vengeance135 Saltiest Joker Player

    Like that I understand but how do I fight back when mids whiff over her or I can't punish her consistently lol maybe fix my characters hitboxs then lol her b3 does need adjusting though
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  12. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    I feel like that is a general problem with female hurtboxes, it just becomes more evident when you play against catwoman because she has a crouching posture on top of her female hurtbox, b3s like Hellboys B3 whiff on crouching females like Black canary, catwoman etc, Mid hitboxes should be fixed instead of changing a character's design(Just my opinion)
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  13. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    And speaking of low profiling, cheetahs sweep low profiles catwoman b3
  14. Vengeance135

    Vengeance135 Saltiest Joker Player

    Don't get me started on cheetah vs joker lol a mess that MU is
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  15. Laos_boy

    Laos_boy Meow Hoes

    1f2 is -2 so everyone gets a chance to challenge her
    backdash has a longer standing recovery so people can catch her
    b3 is -7

    thats it.
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  16. 1/5 less overall damage. THAT IS ALL! No need to cripple another character.
  17. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

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  18. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    The character doesn’t need to get bodied as hard as Aquaman and Deadshot (who even still have a purpose in the game), even as she is it’s not HORRIBLE, just. Ugh, she’s just too good at what she does.

    It’s a really tough pill to swallow with CW getting a walkspeed “nerf” and Cold gets pulverized. Or again the multitude of nerfs that Deadshot got compared to her. I know she’s been nerfed in every patch (lol), but to me that does excuse how she is now, it makes it more embarrassing if anything.
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  19. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    I understand cold nerfs though, he was broken against characters like C.W, black canary, robin.. any ground based character with no/ bad projectile, I do think C.W needs some kind of nerf but I hope it’s not something that destroys her core gameplay style
  20. MysTiiK_V

    MysTiiK_V "For Mother Nature"

  21. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    With Cold though he still got piped by all the zoners, he was a utility character, it’s not like he had a crazy good MU chart.
  22. MysTiiK_V

    MysTiiK_V "For Mother Nature"

    sounds good
  23. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    I agree. they only nerfed him without giving him buffs on things that would make him
    More viable against all characters in general, not just as a hard counter; like make 12 ground freeze comboable (or whatever that overhead string is, that should definitely combo into ice puddle).
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  24. Error

    Error DF2+R2

    She needs some of her safety and damage nerfed. Kind of ridiculous that she has meterless damage off safe/hitconfirmable launchers on par with most characters' meter bnbs as well as considering her apparent archetype.

    I don't know if NRS will ever nerf b3 hitbox, but at least make her actually lose her turn on block..
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  25. Rex24

    Rex24 There are no bad seeds, only bad men

    She already loses her turn on a blocked b3, it’s negative 3, all she can do is backdash. But yeah I ageee that since her b3 is so good , it should be more negative

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