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Discussion in 'Stryker' started by M_TRICKZz, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. M_TRICKZz

    M_TRICKZz Noob

    I don't think anyone knows this but if you do say:

    JIP,B122-NJP-2(standing 2 ppl)xxGunShot-dash-12xxEx.Baton Sweep and quickly hit your opponent with D3 it prevents wake ups!

    Reason it's great is because preventing wake-ups and getting a 40% combo is great and if people don't expect the d3 you can get a free throw and or pressure!

    D3-It's not advantage and all but you can still build great pressure of off it because he has 2 armored moves and his roll makes all high moves wiff so your going to be putting ppl into a guessing game, you have to figure out a way to get them to block so you get that free pressure or grab!

    What I've come up with:
    D3-Dash up Grab
    D3-Baton Sweep
    D3xxGun Cancel-back dash( If they get scared and jump AA)
    D3xxGun Cancel pressure

    All these mixups can force your opponent into a guessing game and once you make them fear even moving you can get a free grab which makes a 40% Combo + 12 = 52% Setup.
  2. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
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    Just picked up Stryker today, and this works, kick ass man
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  3. Crathen

    Crathen Death is my business

    I thought every Stryker player did know about this , i've seen Reo do that a couple of times.

    But i guess it's good to remind it :)
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  4. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

    Very nice, was not aware of this. I am a fan of stuffing wakeups though, pesky dare you attempt to stop my bullying!
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  5. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
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    I've never seen it, it would be ignorant to expect everyone to have seen reo play Stryker at one time or another and then that be enough proof of its existence.
  6. Yeah I saw REO do that in some online casuals lol. He was like: "Oho, new tech?"

    Since I saw REO do it I wanted to test it out but never had time to get around it. Good stuff man. I'll definitely try to incorporate that in my game. :)

    I love anything that can stop invincible wake ups.
  7. M_TRICKZz

    M_TRICKZz Noob

    I knew about it for a month now but never mentioned it since I'm a sub guy and, since my internet is out I've been playing around with the entire cast and TYM threads and it surprised me no one knew about it, Slips scorp tech inspired me to try it. So now we all know xD Hurray!

    Also I think there's more to Grenade toss we don't know about, maybe it OTGs?
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  8. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    I always knew D3 was a pain in the ass but I didnt know it was this GDLK. @GAMETIME6163 recently put me under the D3 torture, I literally couldnt jump out, start a special (gosh it's annoying). I've been trying to work on my pressure game with Stryker, this definitely gives me a lead and focus point. I was not aware of this and major thanks for the find man. I did watch @vVvRe0 play stryker but I must have missed this new tech when he did it lol.

    EDIT: Trust tried it works like a charm :) Now I got to get the timing after the EN baton Sweep recovery right. A second delay and you eat a wakeup.
  9. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    I would also like to add that 114 string got some hidden potential. The recovery on block is ridiculous, I can easily do a D3 90% of the time
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  10. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
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    I was using 114 today, and it looks like it might be about -2 or -3 on block, sometimes i get the poke, sometimes not.
  11. Carefoot


    in the corner I chain d3 twice into d4,xx standing 4 xx baton trip, batron trip, loop.

    in the corner d3 is king
    and 4
    and a sprinke of 3 / b3

    b3 chained twice into d3xxd3 than the loop

    I don't do the combo you list tho I will give it a shot.


    I can't get this out so I am going to make some executive decisions...

    Because B121 isn't a combo its B122 I have to ask if the 2xx Gunshot is supposed to be 1 or 2? Because you made the first mistake I don't want to practice a mistake so can you just clarify the combo.
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  12. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    I think I need to take a break from this game :( After seeing this new tech I had no problem practicing it. Yesterday I just couldnt land 1,2 xx EN Baton Sweep to save my life. NEGATIVE EDGE just crippled that ender for me. I even try to train it on standing opponent, either I get 1 xx low grenade or 1,2 xx high grenade. for some reason I am only able to land 1,2 xx EN baton sweep 1 out 5 :(. I'm just gonna go for 1 xx EN Baton sweep for now until I figure out what I am doing wrong
  13. LEGEND

    Premium Supporter

    never thought of putting this into a combo, good shit man
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  14. M_TRICKZz

    M_TRICKZz Noob

    Silly me, my bad bro I play sub 2 much lol I'll fix!
  15. Carefoot


    Its new don't be so hard on yourself. I just picked up some new characters whenever Stryker frustrates me :p
    then when THEY frustrate me I go back and say hey Strykers not that bad.

    ty very clear sorry I just didn't want to practice a mistake looks like this is some hot shit ty.
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  16. Skkra

    Skkra PSN: Skkra

    So wait... I must be doing this wrong. You end a combo with EN Baton Sweep, then do a D+3 as fast as possible? From what I'm reading, the idea is that you've recovered so much faster than the opponent that you can force them to block the D+3 and thus negate their wakeup?
  17. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    that is correct kind sir :)

    EDIT: I censorz it. :p

    I also want to point out that you have to be super quick. The slight delay will make the D3 whiff
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  18. Well you need to dash cancel very quickly before the D3. Otherwise you are out of range.
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  19. Skkra

    Skkra PSN: Skkra

    Yup, I get it now. It's very effective. I played against PoliceBrutality last night for a good hour and had it done to me many times... I get the timing for it now!

    That's pretty sick tech for Stryker to have... taking away the ability to do a wakeup attack is a serious strength.
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  20. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    I can do it alright...except that im having a hard time following after it. My mind seems to just be content about denying the wake up and just stops there lol
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  21. Skkra

    Skkra PSN: Skkra

    I would think following it up immediately with either D+3 or D+4~roll mixed up with throw could be a strong followup?... I dunno, this is more Vulcan's territory.
  22. LEGEND

    Premium Supporter

    i like D3,3 G/C
    12, (if they sat there blocking) D3, D3, D4 baton sweep
    4 G/C
    114. I have been messing around with spacing after this and its been working out ok lately, not sure how good it really is
    and of course Grapple
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  23. Imo the best follow ups are:

    -D3 + Throw mixup
    -Standing 3 xx Gun xx cross-over jump
    -Standing 3 xx Gun xx D3 / Throw
    -Standing 3 xx Gun xx (backdash) Gun Shot
    -Standing 3 xx Gun xx 4 / D4
    -4 xx Gun xx whatever
    - D4 xx Gun Shot / Baton Sweep / Roll Toss
    -Cross-over jump punch/kick

    After a reset, most people will naturally crouch block because they will expect you to hit low or try some type of pressure string. That's why a simple throw can often work but it's not guaranteed. For that same reason, just jumping over them can catch them off guard and allow you to build free meter safely or land a full combo if you're lucky.

    Reason why I suggest standing 3 as a reset follow up is because it kills their D3 and jump attempts + hits crouchers. And since D3/Throw is the most obvious follow up that good players will expect, that can be a great mixup.

    D4 xx Baton often works for me but it's somewhat unsafe. I prefer D4 xx Gun Shot / Gun hold

    And obviously standing 4 is always good. Especially if a D4 hits.
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  24. Yeah I agree. 1,1,4 definitely has some potential.

    It's not entirely safe because I did it on the CPU as a blockstring and he was able to punish me with a 7 frame jab. So I know it's at least -7 on block. But tbh I don't think that's a major problem (Reptile's elbow dash is -15 after all and we can barely punish that). The reason why I think 1,1,4 is good is because it leaves Stryker at deceptive range and deceptive negative frames. Just like with standing 2, Stryker looks very unsafe and very punishable even though he's not. So it can be very tempting for the opponent to try to throw his 10 frame jab combo starter or an unsafe special move. And that can potentially mean a free punish for us.

    Though tbh I haven't actually messed around with it much. But I can definitely see how it could potentially fool players into committing mistakes.
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  25. LEGEND

    Premium Supporter

    we need complete frame data for Stryker

    most of my pressure is all a hope for the best, never know what they can or can't do until they actually do it. Lameness
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