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Let’s see whose fire burns hotter
I hope that bullshit of "killing X from the past erases X from current existence" is false. That's lame as hell.

I'm expecting the multiple timelines to function more like a multiverse rather than a lineal string of time.
That would suck. Timeline is lineal, multiverse is Injustice bullshit.


Cyrax, Kotal Kahn, NightWolf & Shang Tsung.
I'm most excited about everything surrounding Shang Tsung and the role he will play in canon story. Khronika and Frost involvement in the Cyber Initiative and the connection to the Tekunin and possibilities of seeing Cyrax and Sektor in the Story mode hopefully taking it from Frost/joining forces.

I'd like to see her place Mileena's Sai's by her grave as a tribute. Like a nod to her fallen half-Blood sister. Sisters fight and they may hate each other but it would befitting to see True Royalty act her age (10,000 Years Sexy) and show what the Edenian Princess is all about and claim her rightful place as Empress/Queen/Ruler of Outworld once and for all.

Multiple Timelines/dimensional realities:

I'm hoping we get to see many other classic characters in this games story mode.
Old and Young:
Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke(human/Enenra), Reptile, Mileena, Sindel, Goro, Chameleon, Tremor, Rain, Sareena, Tanya, Fujin ect.
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'ello baby, did you miss me?
I hope that bullshit of "killing X from the past erases X from current existence" is false. That's lame as hell.

I'm expecting the multiple timelines to function more like a multiverse rather than a lineal string of time.
Yeah that would be extremely amateurish.

The only reason killing past Johnny should have any impact on future Johnny is because now past Johnny can't grow up to be future Johnny, right? Well guess what, he already can't grow up to be him, because he's in the wrong time. The universe doesn't know that "there's still a chance young Johnny could find a portal back in time to the time he belongs in and go through it and grow up to be old Johnny." So if young Johnny not being able to grow into old Johnny is going to erase him from existence, then he should have been erased the moment young Johnny was plucked out of his own time.

I get that writing a time travel story without SOME plot holes is actually extremely difficult, but doing this would be equivalent to the writers just throwing their hands up in the air and not even remotely trying. Like, I'm struggling to think of a time travel story that I've watched in a movie or TV series, that makes less sense than that.


Damn this time line stuff can be a head fuck. I hadn't even considered these consequences yet...

I think that if the younger version of the Characters dies and that means the older version dies too because of a time paradox then it's safer to kill the older characters and have the younger version take their place but also not have to suffer the same fate because of the time jump they existed at the same time in parallel to their older selves so they skip that fate.

We don't know the time rules so Kronica might have made it so that both versions can now coexist with no consequences if one of them dies.

Maybe it will be a situation where only one version can survive regardless and they must fight to survive the time merger before it ends and if they are both still alive at the end of the time merger period, then they both die.

Who knows...but now I'm over thinking it. I'm trying to go in with zero expectations so I can just enjoy whatever they have done without getting my hopes up for anything.

I'd like to see Raiden, Hanzo & Kuai Liang, young Lui Kang and Kung Lao win in the end for Earthrealm as much as I love the bad guys in MK. Shao Kahn won in the original timeline and I guess it's only fair that Raiden's plan to alter the timeline works out for the good guys in the end.


'ello baby, did you miss me?
Y'know if Young Johnny gets killed and Older Johnny fades out of existence, wouldn't that mean that Cassie would fade out of existence too?
And Shinnok's body should fade back into existence because he would have never been defeated if not for Johnny and Cassie, and half of the cast should fade out of existence because with Shinnok un-defeated they should all be dead, and Jax, Scorpion, Sub-Zero should go back to being Revenants because with Shinnok un-defeated they would never be brought back from the dead, and so on and so forth...

You can't just "kinda" go down this route, you either commit or you don't touch it at all.

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I would like Cassie to come out guns blazing and beat Kronika up just like how Cassie beat up Shinnok. There's bigger stakes involved and only one girl with green, glowing powers can stop this monster.
I think for me... I just want to see an awesome story.

My hope is that it is going to retcon the entire universe.. do a kind of hard reset like you see in comics.. like say DC Rebirth recently. Just wipe the slate clean... like after it all comes to a end have time reknit and mix up all the time lines into a new one.. making Cage young and revant Kang and Jax gone but the younger ones stay stuff like that... allow them to make MK12 with a brand new slate.
You want them to do the exact same thing they did in MK9? That would be boringly repetitive.

They should do something different.
Well, multiverse idea is actually the dominant one in modern theoretical physics. Most support the idea that space/time continuum isn’t necessary linear, and according to that if the younger Johnny is killed, this will make the timeline he comes from take a different turn and it will branch out from the original, BUT the timeline with the old Johnny will still exist as a parallel one the new branched out timeline with a dead Johnny.