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Story Mode (What are you looking forward to?) Spoiler Alerts


Spoiler Alert!

So far so good with Raiden cutting off Shinnok's head! I'm also interested about Jade and Kotal's relationship, I wasn't expecting that. I like it when they further develop existing characters lore. Scorpion and Sub Zero working together to defeat the new cyber initiative looks really cool as well and it's good to see the story between those two moving forward with new material as well.

However my favourite parts of MK9 and MKX was Ermac ripping off Jax's arms, Scorpion killing Bi Han, D'Vorah giving her kiss of death to Mileena and Scorpion finally killing Quan Chi.

But I wish there was more horror elements in these story modes, even more violence and gross over the top moments. The Kombat Kids getting to know each other in a jail cell is boring to me, let them bond in brief moments when the shit is hitting the fan.

I actually enjoyed the MKX comic books more than the MKX story mode. I think the dumbest moment of MKX was when Kung Jin beat Kotal Kahn, I was really expecting Kotal to be way more of a badass and he got played like a bitch most of the time.

Anyway I know it's too late for input on MK11's story mode but regardless of my complaints I really do enjoy the Story Modes of MK9 and MKX I just wish there was more horror, gore and deaths.

What about you guys what are your favourite parts of MK9 and MKX's story mode and what are you looking forward to seeing in MK11?


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While D'vorah is still pretty new to the franchise as a whole, she will probably die. She's got so much beef with plenty of other characters. I even believe that Baraka will perform his second fatality on her, as revenge from the last game.


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Past Jax getting killed which kills current Jax and keeps Jacqui from ever being born.

Scorpion and Sub-Zero teaming together.

Shao Kahn killing Raiden which has Cetrion leave her Elder God status to become the new defender of Earthrealm. Fujin taking her place.

Goro transforming into Onaga during the mid-credit scene to finish off the storyline from the MKX comic and setting up for MK12.
Kitana will try to get the Edenia back, but since Edenia and Outworld can't be unmerged, she will play her own game - get Jade seduce Kotal Kahn to betray him afterwards. Since tarkatans are the force to be reckon with, Kitana will also offer Baraka to share the Outworld rule - him leading the tarkatan horde and rule his own lands. This will trigger him to leave Shao Kahn and fight for his own place under the sun. Skarlet will replace him as Shao Kahn's right hand.
Old Sonya dies in the Netherrealm attack, young Sonya will kill Kano once and for all (both versions), probably one of the Johnnies will die (most probably the old one, otherwise Cassie won't be born).
Kronika will enlist Scorpion which will trigger Hanzo to fight him.
Frost will most probably lead Tekunin after Sektor's death and with Kronika's help. Sub Zero and Hanzo will definitely try to destroy it.
D'Vorah will be helping Kronika a lot in Exchange for the hive's survival. I bet she will gruesomely die at some point, but there is also a chance she actually kills someone in Raiden's camp and then die.
Raiden will not die, but instead will become an Elder God.
Cetrion will be the opposite side of the conflict, enlisting good guys and using some of the not so good ones to conspire against her Mother.
Shinnok will be resurrected at one point just to completely die in another one by Cetrion's hands.
All of this is a total speculation, of course.
Story Mode (What are you looking forward to?)
Forcing my hapless local buddy to play through said mode for me, on Hard difficulty, and laughing as the cheaty, input-reading NRS "A.I." cheeses him, over and over, then rubs salt into his, admittedly, intoxicated wounds, by unstintingly and obviously letting him win after beating him Flawless in the prior three-to-four matches... And then laughing and laughing and laughing some more!

...That's what I'm looking forward to in MK11's story mode (and watching Shao Kahn WHOOP ALL BUTTOCKS RAW!)

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Baraka and Kotal getting revenge on DVorah - i am also hoping for both Jacqui and Jade to evolve from sidekick status(to the female leads of MK kitana and Cassie) into more developed, separate, characters..
i mean even in this timeline Jade loss her fued w/ Tanya- correct? Tanya's a freedom fighter now, correct??? and DVorah is now the betrayer...
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Scorpion and Noob Saibot acknowledging that the other exists, perhaps.

Also since this sort of feels like the climax of a Blunder God Trilogy that started with MK9, I want to see how things hash out with "current" Raiden and Liu Kang, and how it affects past Raiden and Liu.

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I read somewhere that Gameinformer confirmed Cetrion was the woman in Jade’s ending. I wonder if they will cover that and I lean toward thinking they will. Jade was the dummy in Cetrion’s trailer which tells me they are probably connected somehow. Same as Sub in Noob’s trailer and I believe Kano with Cassie. Anyway I am hoping this will give Jade a little prominence story wise.


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Why is it such a crazy idea that Kung Jin defeated Kotal Kahn? The guy comes from a family of champions and legends, the same order that trained The Great Kung Lao, Kung Lao and Liu Kang. I love Kotal Kahn, he is my favorite MKX newcomer, but it makes sense that he got bested by a White Lotus warrior.


Why is it such a crazy idea that Kung Jin defeated Kotal Kahn? The guy comes from a family of champions and legends, the same order that trained The Great Kung Lao, Kung Lao and Liu Kang. I love Kotal Kahn, he is my favorite MKX newcomer, but it makes sense that he got bested by a White Lotus warrior.
Same White Lotus warrior that just got his ass beaten by Sub Zero without any effort, chapter ago. I'll tell that again: him winning against Kotal is one of the darkest pages in the history of MK and should be erased as soon as it's possible!


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It's in one of Jade's intro dialogues in 11. The other person says "another one of Shao Kahn's crimes". Think it was against Scorpion, maybe Raiden.
EDIT: It's Scorpion. The first dialogue in this video.
Ah right!
But do remember that intro dialogues are not all necessarily canon.
A proper battle between the Khans, preferably one that ends in Kotal shoving his sword all up Shao's big, swollen, family sized ass.....pause.