[SPOILERS] Injustice 2: Rumors, Leaks, and our potential roster

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Gamer68, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Gamer68

    Gamer68 Let's put you on ice!

    SPOILERS AHEAD, if you didn't see the title already!

    For the past month or two there has been a lot of talk about a specific rumor/leak that was released, and whether or not it was real. I think at this point we can all agree that it's true, considering we have gone through so many reveals as of late and ALL of them were correct. For those who haven't seen it, here was the leaked list (and remember this was released before the Cinematic "Story" trailer):
    UPDATE (4/26/17): The 28th and final base-game character has been leaked. The list was 100% correct. Not a single character wrong, not a single character missing, nothing -- it's all true.

    I'm personally very happy with how the roster turned out. Some characters that I REALLY wanted to see like Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd made it in, as well as others that I would have liked including Swamp Thing, Firestorm, and more. I feel that the roster is more diverse than the first game, plenty of mainstream and non-mainstream characters. At a gameplay standpoint, there's plenty of both rush-down and zoner characters, but also hybrids and specialists to choose from.

    Even though all of the characters have been confirmed, you should expect more leaks to start coming out considering the game has gone gold and early copies will (most likely) be received in the next week or two. Story, arcade, and additional mode leaks, but also customization, unlockables, and even straight-up gameplay leaks as well. And as for post-launch, I'm sure there will be some additional content leaks eventually as well.

    With all of that being said, I'm going to sit out any story or arcade-related leaks because I would like for those to be a surprise when I actually get the game and play it for myself, but still feel free to post/discuss them here if you wish. Injustice 2 will be out in less then 3 weeks from now, and I hope I run into some of you guys online!
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  2. Kaiology

    Kaiology Lord of Chaos

    I'm honestly fine with the entire roster except Mr. Freeze. He NEEDS to be a skin for Captain Cold and they need to put another villain in his place. Hoping that's the case.
  3. Gamer68

    Gamer68 Let's put you on ice!

    Yeah, I would prefer that as well. But even if he is a character, I would be fine with it. I can't really complain about more ice characters!
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  4. Kaiology

    Kaiology Lord of Chaos

    If we have 2 ice characters I'd prefer Killer Frost than Freeze tbh.
  5. zerosebaz

    zerosebaz Noob

    This will be the roster. The speculation now is on the DLC. I hope Lex (my main in IN1), and Constantine make it, I know I will buy them if they do.

    Also, as busted as he was, I am sad they left the Martian out of the main roster again.
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  6. myri

    myri Time Warrior

    Only character I would be down on is Black Adam really, I have no idea why he's even relevant currently.
  7. Afk Skinny

    Afk Skinny rabbit ears up rabbit paws in rabbit troop forever

    The only one I'm really down on is Mr.Freeze, they really could've just brought back Killer Frost if they wanted another ice character but of course, it has to go a batman rogue
  8. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    Sub-Zero is probably gonna be DLC also
  9. If Freeze is a skin for Cold and Darkseid is off to the side as a pre-order bonus, that would open up two slots for villains.

    Lex Luthor is the most popular DC villain after Joker (and in the Justice League movie) so it is tough to imagine him out. Deathstroke, Doomsday, Ra's are also up there. Steppenwolf is in the upcoming movie.
  10. Silver_Shadow

    Silver_Shadow Crazy Mexican

    While I think its a way better roster than the first game, I still think there are way too many Batman characters (again!)! I'm hoping beyond all hope that Mr Freeze is just a skin and Scarecrow is a non playable character!

    I think Spectre would have been away better addition to the game than Scarecrow! So much potential there!
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  11. when's Black Adam?
  12. AcCooper20

    AcCooper20 Moone & Minerva
    Premium Supporter

    I'm happy with this roster. However I also think that Cold and Freeze should be skins of one another. But we are still getting NINE dlc characters.
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  13. trufenix

    trufenix www.youtube.com/thetrufenix

    And yet so many people were ready to kill for Frost in MKX.
  14. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY buff erron
    Premium Supporter

    Would've liked Booster Gold, The Spectre, Etrigan, Manta, and Circe. I don't feel like we need some characters like Mr Freeze or Cyborg, but overall, I like the roster a lot more than the first.
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  15. WATCHD0G

    WATCHD0G Noob

    I'm fine with this roster, hoping for red hood and Constantine for DLC
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  16. Gamer68

    Gamer68 Let's put you on ice!

    The only other characters I would have liked to see is Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven I suppose (just to finish the Teen Titans, but honest, I don't like how she plays) and Static.

    Really though, I'm fine with this roster. Especially since the characters I REALLY wanted (Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, etc) made it in this time. While it would have been cool to see the characters I mentioned above, what they have now is good.

    Plus maybe some of those characters will make it in as DLC.
  17. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    I'm going to lose my nips if Scarecrow is actually a playable character.

    Did this person also have a leak for the DLC? Or just launch roster? Hoping for Starfire!!!
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  18. trufenix

    trufenix www.youtube.com/thetrufenix

    The guy worked on the mobile game. So anyone who isn't on mobile or is dlc (outside of Darkseid and the 3 costumes) is still unknown.

    Edit: For the record, Injustice 1 Mobile launched without any versions of Shazam, Killer Frost, Ares
    and Hawkgirl. They were all added considerably later. MKX Mobile also launched without a few roster characters.
  19. Gamer68

    Gamer68 Let's put you on ice!

    Just the launch roster it seems.

    I'm pretty sure he covered the entire launch roster, but maybe I'm wrong. 30 characters seems about right, though. I can't imagine it being any bigger except for maybe 1 or 2 more characters.
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  20. trufenix

    trufenix www.youtube.com/thetrufenix

    Ignoring the fact its never happened (yet) there is still the very real (but quite depressing) possibility that main cast characters will be left off Mobile just so that they can be trickled in later. Freemium hustle is ruthless.
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  21. Rice

    Premium Supporter

    Im fine with the roster but also really hope Freeze is just a skin and we get somebody else.

    DLC we have no idea yet but my money and hope is on

    1. Red Hood
    2. Static
    3. Starfire
    4. Black Manta
    5. Constantine
    6. Beast Boy
    7. Rorschach
    8. Sub-Zero/Johnny Cage
    9. Spawn

    A list of highly requested characters and obvious guest characters.
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  22. II Tundra II

    II Tundra II In Brightest Day....

    Nightwing for DLC although I'm having a blast with Batman at the moment.
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  23. Blitzace10

    Blitzace10 The Aquatic Ace

    I was really hoping that scarecrow was a joker premium skin, but its not looking that way now.
  24. Kaiology

    Kaiology Lord of Chaos

    This is basically what I'm hoping for.
  25. Spinky

    Spinky Mournful


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