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Spoiler Thread. People officially have the game already (NO STORY SPOILERS)

Only 1 week to go and it looks like it's a reasonable time for the flood gates to be open.

The other spoiler thread was locked so I think it's a good time to make one again where people could post their spoilers.


All Stages:

Tournament Variations!!!!!:
  1. Marauder: Baraka Barrage, Gutted (2)
  2. Bone Picker: Blood Lunge (2), Spine Burst
  1. Digital Soldier: (Air) Bullet Barrage, Kneecappin', Flippin' Out
  2. Yaas Queen: Shoulder Charge, BLB-118 Energy Burst (2)
  1. Force of Nature: Earthquake, Delay Boulder Bash, Shattering Boulder
  2. Spring Cleaning: H2 POrt, Geyser (2)
  1. Buzzed: (Air) Ticking Time Bug, Strepsiptera, Parasite
  2. Arachnophobia: Deadly Swarm, Widow's Kiss (2)
  1. 52 Kard Pickup: Enhanced Locked and Loaded, Outworld Gunslinger, Scud Shot
  2. Barking Irons: Cattle Toss, TNT Toss, Enhanced Rattle Snake Slide
  1. New Era: Stepping it Back (2), Sand Pillar
  2. Infinite Warden: Quick Sand, Gauntlet of the Ages, Bed of Spikes
  1. 1st Round KO: Lethal Clinch, Cybernetic Override, Robo Grappler
  2. Next Gen: Grenade Launcher, (Air) Dive Bomb, Tech-Dome
  1. Emerald Defender: (Air) Razor-Rang, Upward Razor-Rang, Edenian Spark
  2. Jaded: Pole Vault, Pole Vault Cancel, Amplify Blazing Nitro Kick
  1. Grinnin' Barrett: Duck and Weave, Briggs Barricade, Ripped
  2. Hunker Down: Quad Grab, Burning Hammer, Expert Grappler
  1. Shock Jock: Mime Time, Brass Knuckles, Caged Rage
  2. Show Stopper: Throwing Shades, Say Cheese (2)
  1. Mean Streak: Rolling Buzzsaw, (Air) Straight Buzzin', Dash Cancel
  2. Clean Cut: Low Hook Grab, Nomad Spin, Extended Hook
  1. Ripper: Lumbar Check, Rack Off, Manhandled
  2. Dirtbag: Vege-Mighty, Molotow Cocktail, Chemical Burn
  1. Fan-Fare: (Air) Fan Flutter, Ground War, Royal Protection
  2. Highborn: Half Blood Stance (2), Edenian Razors
  1. Back in the Pack: Up Demonic Mace, Demonic Clutch, Fade Out
  2. Spare Change: Bag Bomb, Vial of Sorrow, Demonic Comet
  1. Ascension: Huehhueyi, God Ray, Kahn-Cut
  2. Totemic: Eztli Totem, Tecuani Maul, (Air) Tecuani Pounce
Kung Lao
  1. Lotus Fist: Orbiting Hat (2), Omega Hat
  2. Hat Tricks: Guided Hat, Z Hat, (Air) Teleport
Liu Kang
  1. Luohan Quan: Shaolin Stance, Low Fireball, Dragon Parry
  2. Wu Shi Legend: Energy Parry, Dragon Fire, Dragon's Gifts
  1. Seeing Double: Ghostball, (Air) Tele-Slam, Shadow Slide
  2. Dark Sabbath: Spirit Ball, Shadow Portals, (Air) Sickle Port
  1. Thunder Wave: Storm Call, Sparkport (2)
  2. Raijin: Electric Burst, Quick Charge, Electric Current
  1. Reborn: Demon Slam, Hell Port Cancel (2)
  2. Searing Rage: Death Spin, Death Spear Kombo, Burning Spear
Shao Kahn
  1. True Kahn: Ridicule, Ground Shatter, Wrath Hammer
  2. Risen Emperor: Annihilation, Up Wrath Hammer, Dark Priest
  1. Heart Pierce: Dagger Dance, Bloodport, Blood Ritual
  2. Blood Drive: Cell Siphon, Blood Flow (2)
  1. No Holds Barred: (Air) Ops Drop, Krushing Kounters, (Air) Marching Orders
  2. Ring Master: Energy Rings Charge, (Air) Downward Energy Rings, K.A.T. Turret Drop
  1. Dead of Winter: Cold Shoulder, Deep Freeze (2)
  2. Thin Ice: Frigid Storm, Death-Cicle Barrage, (Air) Polar Axe
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I'll be massively disappointed if those are the competitive variations. Kabal has neither his air hook or his air dash. Those were the funnest things about the character
and she doesn't seem to look bald either by the silhouette, its looking like the classic slicked back icy hair to me
yeah I was worried. One of my favorite things about her design is her Ice hair though in this one it looks more slicked down than spiked up
Why would some of iations be missing a slot? God this whole custom/preset thing is a huge debacle. Whichever pro cried to them and caused this decision needs to be flogged.
I guarantee you the game is not coming out with any pre-sets that don't take advantage of every slot. These are pre-patch, last second kits, there is no way they are going to condemn certain characters to only two slots in ranked/tournament.
Shirai Ryu Fire Garden stage sounds sick.

And 2 unlockable stages is interesting considering it looks like variations of Kronikas stage.

Also they really created a "tournament" stage this time.
Why are some of the variations missing a move? Like only have two 1 point moves picked? I assume this is a day 1 patch thing maybe? It shows a jax with only 2 slots when we know both of jax's variations already and its missing one of the moves.
It actually has 3, the person can't show tournament variations so he is going into custom and setting it up the way it shows in tournament. He is hovering over the 3rd move without selecting it.