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Spoiler Thread. People officially have the game already (NO STORY SPOILERS)

Only 1 week to go and it looks like it's a reasonable time for the flood gates to be open.

The other spoiler thread was locked so I think it's a good time to make one again where people could post their spoilers.


All Stages:

Tournament Variations!!!!!:
  1. Marauder: Baraka Barrage, Gutted (2)
  2. Bone Picker: Blood Lunge (2), Spine Burst
  1. Digital Soldier: (Air) Bullet Barrage, Kneecappin', Flippin' Out
  2. Yaas Queen: Shoulder Charge, BLB-118 Energy Burst (2)
  1. Force of Nature: Earthquake, Delay Boulder Bash, Shattering Boulder
  2. Spring Cleaning: H2 POrt, Geyser (2)
  1. Buzzed: (Air) Ticking Time Bug, Strepsiptera, Parasite
  2. Arachnophobia: Deadly Swarm, Widow's Kiss (2)
  1. 52 Kard Pickup: Enhanced Locked and Loaded, Outworld Gunslinger, Scud Shot
  2. Barking Irons: Cattle Toss, TNT Toss, Enhanced Rattle Snake Slide
  1. New Era: Stepping it Back (2), Sand Pillar
  2. Infinite Warden: Quick Sand, Gauntlet of the Ages, Bed of Spikes
  1. 1st Round KO: Lethal Clinch, Cybernetic Override, Robo Grappler
  2. Next Gen: Grenade Launcher, (Air) Dive Bomb, Tech-Dome
  1. Emerald Defender: (Air) Razor-Rang, Upward Razor-Rang, Edenian Spark
  2. Jaded: Pole Vault, Pole Vault Cancel, Amplify Blazing Nitro Kick
  1. Grinnin' Barrett: Duck and Weave, Briggs Barricade, Ripped
  2. Hunker Down: Quad Grab, Burning Hammer, Expert Grappler
  1. Shock Jock: Mime Time, Brass Knuckles, Caged Rage
  2. Show Stopper: Throwing Shades, Say Cheese (2)
  1. Mean Streak: Rolling Buzzsaw, (Air) Straight Buzzin', Dash Cancel
  2. Clean Cut: Low Hook Grab, Nomad Spin, Extended Hook
  1. Ripper: Lumbar Check, Rack Off, Manhandled
  2. Dirtbag: Vege-Mighty, Molotow Cocktail, Chemical Burn
  1. Fan-Fare: (Air) Fan Flutter, Ground War, Royal Protection
  2. Highborn: Half Blood Stance (2), Edenian Razors
  1. Back in the Pack: Up Demonic Mace, Demonic Clutch, Fade Out
  2. Spare Change: Bag Bomb, Vial of Sorrow, Demonic Comet
  1. Ascension: Huehhueyi, God Ray, Kahn-Cut
  2. Totemic: Eztli Totem, Tecuani Maul, (Air) Tecuani Pounce
Kung Lao
  1. Lotus Fist: Orbiting Hat (2), Omega Hat
  2. Hat Tricks: Guided Hat, Z Hat, (Air) Teleport
Liu Kang
  1. Luohan Quan: Shaolin Stance, Low Fireball, Dragon Parry
  2. Wu Shi Legend: Energy Parry, Dragon Fire, Dragon's Gifts
  1. Seeing Double: Ghostball, (Air) Tele-Slam, Shadow Slide
  2. Dark Sabbath: Spirit Ball, Shadow Portals, (Air) Sickle Port
  1. Thunder Wave: Storm Call, Sparkport (2)
  2. Raijin: Electric Burst, Quick Charge, Electric Current
  1. Reborn: Demon Slam, Hell Port Cancel (2)
  2. Searing Rage: Death Spin, Death Spear Kombo, Burning Spear
Shao Kahn
  1. True Kahn: Ridicule, Ground Shatter, Wrath Hammer
  2. Risen Emperor: Annihilation, Up Wrath Hammer, Dark Priest
  1. Heart Pierce: Dagger Dance, Bloodport, Blood Ritual
  2. Blood Drive: Cell Siphon, Blood Flow (2)
  1. No Holds Barred: (Air) Ops Drop, Krushing Kounters, (Air) Marching Orders
  2. Ring Master: Energy Rings Charge, (Air) Downward Energy Rings, K.A.T. Turret Drop
  1. Dead of Winter: Cold Shoulder, Deep Freeze (2)
  2. Thin Ice: Frigid Storm, Death-Cicle Barrage, (Air) Polar Axe
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I just did a quick search for an early copy. I managed to get MK9 and Injustice 1 before release, I'm hoping I can do it again.

Although, ai still don't know whether to buy the regular or the premium version. NRS, show us who will be in the Kombat Pack already!
How? I would like to get my guide finished by launch day, so I can then play and enjoy the game with everyone else :D