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Spawn General Discussion Thread

Alright everyone repeat after me, "There is no such thing as soul forfeit. We have never heard of such move. Such move is not in the game. People are mistaken."

Just trying to keep it in the game as a one slot move. If we see it in tourny or on stream we react like westworld robots looking at robot stuff "I don't see anything." Deny deny deny!!


You know me as RisingShieldBro online.
So I camped the corner with throw KB loaded and sitting in plasma pool throwing out projectiles..
First game with Spawn since he came out and I got a RQ xD


So I have charging hell spawn as on of my abilities, I don't know what to use for my last (not interested in soul forfeit). It's between Leetha Stance, Blaze of Glory and Raising Hell. Any advice?