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Spawn General Discussion Thread


Is Spawn a human in a superhero (anti-hero?) disguise?... Or is he some otherworldly entity?
Watch the link I posted . He’s anit hero / what would man be if he can back form hell and see his loved one has moved on. It’s pretty dark but at times Kinda funny . It everything that was good with 90s animation and story telling . Just great stuff


I like Spawn, he's a cool character and one of the few guest characters I wouldn't mind for MK. I am looking forward to see what they will do with him.
initally i was weary of NRS getting their grubby hands on my beloved spawn...BUT...after seeing the cloth physics in the game (sub zeros loin cloth knot thing getting caught on his knee during movements...whoa!) im absolutely stoked for this...not to mention CHAINS! AND KEITH FUCKING DAVID (I think thats his middle name...) the only thing that could possibly make me MORE excited is if Michael Jai White was to lend his likeness as an Al Simmons skin but I wont hold my breath. Either way...day one main