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    It sure seems like it.
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    Yeah, just like some people want to complain, others try to come up with solutions. Clearly we know which of those two you are.

    Moving on indeed.
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    She never seemed this good I haven't tried raph who I have always loved and no Cassandra, but Maaaaaaan is sophita great love finding new mains in legacy games.
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    Is there any sort of actual fiscal indicator that SC6 won't sell well or is this more of JBeezYBabY's shitposting?
  6. Juggs

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    Take a wild guess, lol
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  7. Baconlord


    There's some concern that sc isn't as big of an IP as namco wants it to be and that dlc is turning people off. The main concern tho is the release date since it has to complete with cod, assassins creed, and red dead 2. However the game doesn't look like a crazy budget so namco might not have crazy expectations for it
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    Has Soul Calibur ever been a high seller?

    Also, the DLC “dilemma” is weird. Literally every company has been doing this the past 5 years, including other fighting games. We knew the DLC for the past 3 NRS game (well some of us knew), as they were already made AND tested before the initial release of the game. The only one that wasn’t tested by the initial testers, afaik, was Martian Manhunter. Or rather, MMH wasn’t “made” before the initial release of the game. He was made after popular demand, again, afaik.
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    13 days until it's release!
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  10. Baconlord


    It's mainly the day 1 dlc fiasco that pushes people off. And sc5 sold below expectations so namco might not have much faith in the IP going forward.
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    Anyone know how well a Hitbox controller works on Soul Calibur?
  12. Ragnarök Tyr

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    Having known a few players who use it, I'd say very well.
  13. Juggs

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    Kinda random, but I think if any FG could feature Guts as a dlc guest character, SoulCalibur would be the best choice. Or at least have him as an alt skin for Siegfried, lol.

    Beside myself with anticipation for this game. I can’t believe how excited and hype I am, like seriously, it’s very weird for me.
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  14. HeavyNorse

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    That's why Create-a-Soul mode is so awesome. People can then make their own. ^^
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    Yeah never got to use it before... so I’m definitely looking forward to messing with that as wel
  16. chores

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    its great. ive been using mine for soul cal 2 on dolphin and its perfect. really shines in an 8wr game
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  18. Whoever gave this approval in the marketing department of Bamco has huge titanium balls steel or whatever the lady-balls equivalent is.

    It's basically 14 minutes of "Hey, wasn't Soul Calibur 1 and 2 great and then the rest of the series super underwhelming?". I mean, they're interviewing prominent members of the community but they control what content gets into the final cut and what doesn't- and sure as hell if you ask a community rep to only say nice things they're going to do it.

    Letting Max and Aris talk about how awesome SC2 was and how things weren't at all as awesome after* is a very intentional statement on Bamco's part.

    And it worked for me honestly. This gives me alot of hope we're going to get a real quality product.

    *I know alot of people actually really like SC3. But it wasn't a huge enough improvement over SC2 to grab my interest and apparently I'm not alone in that idea.
  19. M.D.

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    Well, her daughter was who had the same exact identical move so basically her brokenasfkop legacy was, same thing to me.
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  20. If I recall correctly, Pyrrha was at best sitting in the high part of mid-tier, and omega was lower. I wouldn't call that broken whatsoever. She was solid but that's about it.
  21. Steven_a

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    Pyrrha was considered top 5 by USA players. P.Omega was debatable top 10.
    (I don't think there is a lot of time left)

    They are saying there will be a launch stream on the 18th, and this Friday 7PM EST they have some live event that will be streamed.
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    For those who missed the stream:
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