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    Already pre ordered the game & pass on PS4. Getting a second copy for Steam and will be giving away 1-2 copies as Sub Giveaways on Twitch
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  2. I'm not concerned about the game being successful. Too much talk of how it's already one of the best of the series, and plenty of excitement around it. (I get that may be more FGC than mainstream)

    Even if it was the last, it would probably a great note to go out on and be something serous SC fans could continue to play until the wind blows and somebody changes their mind. Seriously, it's hard to make a statement like "last one" and have it really be true.

    Sooner or later, the shot callers are going to all change, the gaming world will shift and then that classic IP just sitting there going to waste is going to start looking good again. Good IP's don't die, they get milked forever. We are 6 games deep; it's a good IP.

    I'm jumping in on PC first thing, and I am interested in Tira, so I will one off buy her and take a wait and see on how much I get into it and what the other DLC is before spending more. I always buy 2-3 copies of fighters (even ones I don't end up playing), so I will probably end up with it on PS4 the first time it goes on a solid sale.

    I'd buy both versions outright if I got as into it as I am into Tekken right now, but I suspect I wont. I'm finding most of my interest is drifting more and more into DOA6 and trying to not suck so bad at Tekken. I will be supporting the game regardless of how much I get into it. It's a good IP, and nostalgic one for me.
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    SonicFox played great, he got 2nd. Game looks like a lot of fun. It seems like it’s all about punishing. Block punish, whiff punishing, etc. Lots of footsie stuff too. Idk what all the technical stuff is called, never played SoulCalibur except super casually back in the day. Game is definitely fun to watch, could be pretty big in the fgc.

    When does it come out?
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    October 19th
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  8. My hype was cooling off a bit, but I'm getting excited again. I'm ready to be every bit as bad at this as I am at Tekken.

    I kind of want to get a good close ear on the soundtrack too. That Geralt theme sounds cool.
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    I'm buying the game for sure but am going to hold off on the season pass until more characters are revealed. I'm not a die hard SC fan so if it's some wack characters and Tira then the most I'd do is buy Tira stand alone. Still think the way they chose to do day one DLC is scummy monetization.
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    I mean, if you’re Brawler rank, you can’t be THAT bad.
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    The only question for me is for which platform should I get it? PC or PS4. Anyone knows if game's gonna have a open beta? Or at least do we know if it's gonna be like in Tekken where PC port is superior?
  12. You mean the Cassie Cage brawler thing? I am definitely that kind of brawler.

    In Tekken, I've hit brawler a couple of times, but not for long.
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    Raphael's Reveal Trailer
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    Now when seeing him in his official trailer, I'm not all against his costume. He looks good. The only thing I still feel off about though is those glasses. I don't think they fit him at all. Would've much rather they were some kind of masquerade mask, would be tons more fitting imo.

    That said, he looks good, he moves well and in general I'm just happy he's back! :D
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    Story image.
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  16. xWildx

    xWildx What a day. What a lovely day.

    So... if the leak is to be believed, that just leaves Lizardman, correct?

    Minus any DLC unknowns.
  17. HeavyNorse

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    And Hwang.
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  18. Temp

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    Though I would love to be wrong, I'd bet all the donuts that this is the final count outside of DLC. Most of what I've read on the leaks point to Lizard/Hwang being story NPC's since they were mentioned in a different part of the globalization coding.

    Again, I'd love to be wrong about this. Leaving out Hwang is pretty fucked up since there hasn't been a male Korean in Soul Calibur since SC4, and that goes double for Lizardman since they teased his ass as a silhouette back in June. Going off the leaks, Inferno is all that's left, and that's hardly even a character. Confirming that Inferno is going to be in Soul Calibur is like confirming my boss is going to be at work tomorrow. And also that my boss doesn't have an original moveset.

    Ah, my mistake. The Cassie reference never even occurred to me, lol.
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  20. HeavyNorse

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    Libra of Soul mode gameplay.

  21. Steven_a

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    Looks like lizardman is real
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    open beta <3
    thanks namco!
  25. I'll be honest, I still don't like the more anime aestethic and the boob augment on my Sophitia, but seeing the tournament, it looks hella fun. Maybe I'll buy it in the end, still not sure.

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