So if I don't post this area dies?

Discussion in 'Nightwolf' started by AK L0rdoftheFLY, May 12, 2012.

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    Jip B22 axe b2 axe f312 122 shoulder

    Or for 51%
    Jip b22 axe f2 axe f312 122 shoulder
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    oh so the B22 starter and with JIP. Gotcha... thanks
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    Clearly not. Remember you learned everything you know about NW from me? That one day .... :cool:
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    Big D calling out LOTF?!

    Shit just got real :REO
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    LOL *Troll Face*
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    Haha I like to pop out here and there. I really miss the MK scene man wish I could've kept up and attended Evo again. I had to retire MK9 but you bet I'll be back for MK10. They keep me mostly busy over here in Korea but I've been good man. After having read through and seeing how dead it is I feel I can throw in my 2 cents and a little back story while I'm at it since there's nothing to do at work right now. For some worthless entertainment:

    Most people don't even know who I am, but when MK9 came out I began playing professionally and competed every week in WNF in Southern California which was usually streamed. I would usually jump around with characters and up to this day I never had an official main. However, I managed to make top 16 at Evo 2011 with Nightwolf and had studied the character well for over a month before unleashing him at Evo. Sadly, none of my better matches were recorded or streamed. He was sort of my "secret weapon." The way I saw it, at the time of Evo no one had really explored this character. I wanted to put him on the map. I did some research and found out that most people saw nightwolf as this sort of rushdown in your face character. After some practice, I realized that once you figure out his strings, he's not much of a threat up close. To me he felt more of a punishing character. That's why if you have watched any of my matches, at first I would abuse his shoulder and stick to F3,1,2 or F3,B4 strings for as long as they worked. I didn't want his strings and pressure to be figured out too soon. He had all the tools needed to just stay back and wait for a mistake, and that's what I based my whole strategy around. I think this is the main reason I made it as far as I did. People expected me to hunt them down but when I stayed back and waited they did not know what to do. Once their patience was broken I would do my thing. It only worked for so long though. Once an opponent knows his strings, he's mostly fucked. What I do like though is the challenge behind using him and that it takes a lot of patience and very fast reactions to really be able to keep up with your opponents. The way the game has evolved though, it has really left nightwolf far behind. The main problem I see with him today, is that everyone has figured him out. Add to that the fact that all the characters that give him the most trouble are some of the most used characters in the game. Kabal, Johnny cage, and KITANA were always my worst enemies. People just have really lost interest in this character that was never too popular in the first place. My only regret is not having used the Evo placing and experience to have helped Lord spread the word about nightwolf a little more but I was forced to retire after. I'm still very proud of everything he's done for the character and having watched Big D play him really shows nightwolf still has potential, but the nightwolf community will always remain small.
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    It brings a tear to my eye. The night Wolf community has a special bond. there are so few of us that the ones that stick around get along very well.

    I love u guys
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  9. it is not my intention to necro a dead topic but i've been re-reading old posts and this post in particular made me wonna post. I was feeling nostalgic.
    Back in the days of 11 and 12, when mk was new, we here, in Georgia (not usa), on the other side of the world would gather up to watch evos and final rounds and what not. Wolf was always my favorite so i always cheered for fly and big-d. There literally is no community in my country, it was just few players playing locally at saturdays and sundays. oh god, i remember the day when big-d showed up at final round, i was like watching it live stream, and he just bodied cd jr, i was never so happy i think lol.
    Come to think of it, i've been visiting Nigthwolfs board from time to time since 2011. Though i've never posted or anything, i was just watching, reading, lurking in the shadows.
    maan it feels so long ! No, it is so long! I studied at college at that time. You could say that i basically grew up watching old nightwolf folks play, like fly, big-d, gamer blake and alike.
    Mk has seen a Renaissance in Eastern world since its release on PC, and community keeps growing. But still, there are just too few wolfs out there. I clearly see no point in playing one of the most weak characters in the game, but since im masochist who loves that char and never abandons him... we suit each other up, i guess.
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  10. Gesture Required Ahead

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    LOL I came up with something this witty 2 years ago? Feeling myself
  11. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
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    I'm really glad to hear this. Thanks man.
  12. VenomX-90

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    That one handed choke though.
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  13. Glad to see some activity here. Believe it or not, I actually got an Xbox Live subscription for the first time ever, and my buddy is getting his first copy of MK. So we have a date on Thursday to hop online and battle! I'm definitely going to main NW and throw some EX Shoulders his way. Came on here to refresh myself on the secret weapons and was pleasantly surprised to see some new posts! Ancestors give us strength!

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