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So... About 3 Aftermath Skin Packs...

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The Kitana one looks like it could be cool. The rest are a big ol' thumbs down.

Was this supposed to be a 4th of July pack (BBQ Baraka and American flag erron) and it got delayed so they just threw in an ashra cosplay?
I don't think its actually supposed to be Ashrah lol. That looks like some traditional Chinese wear
I mean, why does Erron have so many clothes in the "summer heat" pack? lol at least Kitana is werking those legs and her costume is pretty ok. Sausage Baraka is definitely something.


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So, sausage master Baraka, Uncle Sam Erron , and Ashrah lookalike cosplayer wannabe Kitana next , hmmm ? :confused:

crap BS .... try again NRS .... I know you can do better, hehe :p

let's see if , at least, we have some news regarding KP2 in August ..... maybe in Fandome ?


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That is a sash made of sausages.

People paid actual money for this.

I'm sorry on NRS' behalf, Baraka players.
As a Baraka stan, I'm excited because the skin is fucking clown shit. That's the point! It's supposed to be goofy.

Other fighting games don't make every single in game costume super serious business. Baraka at the BBQ is legit my wave. The Kitana costume looks like she's about to pour some peach iced tea and tell you about the war of 1812. The Erron one is also two giggles, but I get the intent. Skin pack was to have fun (which based on the comments I'm seeing fun isn't welcome lololol).

Female skin pack needs to have some heavy hitter skins like Deception Jade or some UMK3 skins though. I think they'll definitely pull from Deadly Alliance or Deception (at least I hope so).

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I'm cool with Kitana's (not digging that hat choice though) but the other 2... wth lmao

Edit: looking harder a bit more at them, I'd be fine with Baraka's with some lighter colors instead of brown everywhere. But I can't forgive Erron's...
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