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Question Smoke mains of TYM - who are you going to use in IGAU?


I'm thinking Aquaman or Green Arrow.

Who are you going to use? GO GO GO!!




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My mains from MKDC plus Aquaman now that he's considered god-tier.


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Quinn, Grundy, Raven. In that order.

The only person to have a smoke bomb-like special from what I can see is Black Adam. He looks pretty good but is not on my top 3.


right now the flash, shazam, and night wing definately. I've always played more of a rushdown style, even with zoning characters.

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I'm going to pick whoever I feel most comfortable playing, and have most fun with. Preferably someone who isn't too rushdown-orientated or requires heavy execution, and either has good zoning or escape options (or both, ala Freddy). It's how I chose Smoke. If I went by who my favorite character in MK9 was, or who I thought was the coolest in the roster, I'd be a Scorpion main. lol.

That said, the first ones I'm going to try out in practice mode are Aquaman, Shazam, Deathstroke, Cyborg, Raven, and Ares. No particular order.


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I am going to start with Batman (loyalty), Green Arrow, Shazam, and Raven or Killer Frost. I am a little worried hearing that Shazam is a grappler so I may mess with Flash or Sinestro if I don't end up liking him right away. I am going to be putting a lot of time into Batman though so I know he will at worst be a co-main.


Whoever has a Smoke-like B2/Kitana-like F2. From what I hear it's Flash. Gonna be the first I try.

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Um...do I count as a smoke main? Cuz otherwise I'll just see myself out. (Hands I'm pockets)