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Smoke - Best Fatal Blow Combos


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So most FB combos in this game scale pretty hard the more hits you do. I mean, combos in general start scaling fairly hard once you hit a certain number of hits. It’s a system that makes sense on one hand, but it also rewards characters that can do bigger damage combos with less hits thus less difficult and less execution required.

Like this FB combo with Sareena. It’s nothing crazy, you don’t even juggle the opponent, but it’s the highest damage I could figure out with Sareena as the Kameo. Basically for FB combos, if they’re not close to getting 3 bars, just do a simplistic combo into FB. If they’re close to getting 3 bars, try to do as few hits into FB as possible so they don’t get the meter in order to break.

Anyway, here’s my meterless 51% FB combo with Smoke+Sareena