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Question Sinestro's trait

Is this buff fair

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Saids the trait charge buff did not help against his most difficult MU's, asks for a trait charge buff to help iron out the difficult MU's without effecting the MU's he is already winning.
Some solid logic there.

Awkward Sloth

Lamest Harley, still better sloth than Jer
Harley should get 3 hits of armor on silly slide. She should also have the randomness of her trait taken out and have even faster start up (so she gets more combo options) and gun shot is 3 frames faster since it's the second weakest projectile in the game and is also not the second fastest.

GA normal arrow startup frames reduced drastically but still only does 1%

Cyborg's trait should be able to be canceled with normals and used mid combo so he has real combos. Or make techno fist have way less recovery so he can b3 afterwards

And Nerf Joker
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:DOGE woom i'll agree that you might lose to characters and not players (because its injustice) and you are a better player than a lot of people. that being said i think a 1 second trait would be absolutely insane


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:eek: I explained that I used Cage to deal with the cowardly Smoke as he gave Sektor, Sub Zero and Shang problems. Forgive me on Raiden, I don't really use him. When I do, I only throw his crappy projectile and often end up losing :DOGE.

You once accepted me into the academy...