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Sindel General Discussion Thread

Her CGI model from the trailer looks so much better. Both face and hair. In game render has that Kitana nose...
That's normal. The hair in the trailer is much better than it will be in the final game.
The face I think is unfortunate lighting making her look more like Cetrion. But there is still almost a month until release, so I bet it will be better.
The real question is how it will look on the Switch. The hair on there was not perfect, to put it lightly.


I understand that it can't be the same. One is CGI and one is in engine render. But i am kinda disappointed with her face/hair in that render. I really hope that they made her hair and hair physics right, especially on PC.
Do Switch even got a Kombat Pass
Yeah they do, my friend got it on release. The hair in it looks a bit wooden and facial hair sometimes pops. It doesn't look too good, but whatever, hardware limitations, I get it. But since Sindel's hair is her signature I wonder if they'll up their game for this one.


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Sindel hair is going to be as motionless as everyone else's. Their going to give her the star fire treatment on the hair FX though and hand animate it instead of actually applying physics to it.

Free flowing long hair is never happening until next gen I dont think.


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The Elder Gods save the Edenian Queen ! cannot wait ! when we gonna have the Kombat Kast dedicate to her ? maybe on November 13th ? :rolleyes:


A bit early for that tweet isn't it? Trailers for Nightwolf and Terminator were just over a week before their release. Shang's was 3 weeks though. Is it possible we get it next week?


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The people who were losing it for her went and bought Terry, and everyone else completed kindergarten or at least knows how to save dates.
If Tobias is coming back, he needs to come back now.


Anyone noticed how her hair in the back looks more LQ compared to the rest of her hair?? It looks like it's attached to her head separately. Hopefully it will be long enough and it will have good physics.


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Her hair looks awkward in the back of her head lmao maybe it's a weird angle. Oh boy oh boy pls be good PepeHands.

It seems only the lower hair in the back will move and all the hair in the front will be static. Not a bad plan if true.


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Reminds me of how Millia's hair worked in Guilty Gear Xrd, where the weaponised part was an actual ponytail, making it easier to animate and such. I think this is what they're doing with Sindel.