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Shang Tsung Matchup Discussion Thread

cR WoundCowboy

WoundCowbae <3
Is ST vs Skarlet as bad as it seemed to me at Final Round? Seems like if the Skarlet player is on point with his en-dashes, the Shang player will always feel fear inside of pressuring with close up-skull, let alone zoning. Seemed like 6-4, but is it a potential 7-3 for Skarlet?
It is no worse than 6-4 in Skarlet's favor. It is dangerous to zone but in order to take advantage, she has to throw out the slides. A blocked overhead leads to a combo and a blocked low gives shang pressure or forces her to use armor. It is a giant guessing game.

villainous monk

Terrible times breed terrible things, my lord.
I know this is an old thread but 4-6 kano?!?!?

What Da Fuck!!!! Hell nah!!!

Smh. Go back into the past and Reverse that shit.