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Discussion in 'Robin' started by 24K, May 18, 2017.

  1. 24K

    24K Noob

    I thought it might be a good idea to have a separate thread for dealing with zoning.
    I wasn't excited when I heard Robin gets zoned out easily. But after watching some ranked matches on YT it seems as though he has enough tools to deal with most zoning. And then I saw the Sonic Fox Dead Shot video and just abandoned all hope.

    So who zones you out hard and how have you been dealing with it.
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  2. Captain l2ed

    Captain l2ed White wolf

    A good Arrow is a nightmare.
    Deadshot didn't seem too bad because if commits to mb rifle you can mb dash or long range spin. I think he has okay tools but he has awful mobilty+terrible walk speed and backlash.
    Darkseid is okay
    I think fate is going to wreck him.
    I LOVE robin, he's got some glaring issues when it comes to good zoners but he has the tools to do well against some of the cast. To compete with him it a best to acknowledge he can't do it all and pick up a zoner to help in his super bad mus
  3. 24K

    24K Noob

    I was watching the guys get hammerd by Dead Shot. And I know it was just the pick of the best on the compilation. So I am sure it isn't as bad as it seems. But what I saw was you can time small steps between his standard shot, when he aims down to do that bank shot that bounces back up it gives you good time to jump forward, in theory getting in pretty close and avoiding the bouncing bullets. At that point a teleport trait would be the option to get in the last bit. Or the trait that goes behind them to pop Dead Shot forward might work well to. I am just not to sold on the blade spin being a safe plan. I do only get the game tomorrow so I cant test theses things just yet. but it really seems like threading your way in is the only real option sometimes.
  4. Captain l2ed

    Captain l2ed White wolf

    Sword spin is not a safe bet, neither is Tele trait. You really do just have to tread in and hope to god he doesn't push you back out which deadshot can do easily not to mention deadshot has a good upclose game as well so it could go either way but for the most part plus my experience it's a losing mu for robin. It's a fun one but still losing.
  5. freerf245

    freerf245 11 11 11 11

    Tele trait is pretty ass. I almost never use it. Batman actually zones out Robin pretty hard. Fate shits on him.
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  6. RM Ree

    RM Ree Shiba Tamer
    Premium Supporter

    Birdrang has some pretty incredible hit hitstun. If you can land a hit or even a trade with this, Robin gets a full second (58 frames) to decide what he wants to do with his life. For example, from literally full screen

    Bird, Assassin Strike - 152.67 (202.53 w/ MB)
    Bird, f-dash, iaSword Spin (far) - 154.82 (??? w/ MB)

    A single f-dash closer than full screen (3/4) and bird will result in a full combo starting with ji2 or a max range b2 (note that using yellow trait cast or call will void combos on standing opponents).
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  7. sranc

    sranc creep

    They gave him a dart board color scheme for a reason, I guess
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  8. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
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    against black adam, aquaman, deadshot, and others he can't even get birdarang out before he gets hit again. the frame data is good but his start up on that makes it useless as a counter zoning tool.
  9. Pick a new character imo

    Batarang starts too slow
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  10. 24K

    24K Noob


    I haven't seen anybody use the blue trait to get in though. I saw many try and get the tele trait out, but its obvious whats going to happen and easy to stop when you pop up right next to them. I would assume with the blue trait you would get the hit and be able to run in, or they back away from it before you recall it, giving you time to get your birdarang out, on hit you get to get in. Or they just stop their zoning and movement and crouch block in anticipation of you recalling the trait, which gives you time to get in, or get the birdarang out to set up a hard to blockable.

    In the mean time I am thinking about having a pocket Dead Shot. So in a tournament setting I can zone out other zoners and cheese my way through, if they had the intention of using Dead Shot against me. And then jump back to Robin when I go up against an easier zoner or non zoner character. Until I can find a secondary to replace Dead Shot.
  11. GS_Zodiac

    GS_Zodiac Determined to make a name for the mid-west

    Fate is a nightmare, I'm assuming Dea shot as well. Cyborg you can work around, but is still tough. This is why I wish he had stagger pressure. If we could stay in and be safe things would be easier
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  12. Deadly Birdarang needs to be a real move, someone call up NRS
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  13. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
    Premium Supporter

    I am slowly having more success but it's still tough.

    Top three hardest mu to me so far (and I havnt played them all yet)

    1) batman
    2) aquaman
    3) deadshot

    Batman and aqua zoning is better against Robin than deadshot cause he doesn't have the best footsie tools like they do. Their footsies and ability to go from zoning to offense and back makes them harder to deal with imo
  14. RM Ree

    RM Ree Shiba Tamer
    Premium Supporter

    I kind of feel like the little step forward Robin does on birderang should side-step projectiles. That way zoners would have to commit to using meter for multiple hits (Deadshot MB guns, Dr. Fate MB pew), or have to block Robin's bird and give him a moment to breathe.
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  15. HeroesNZ

    HeroesNZ Baconlord's Billionaire Sugar Daddy

    Birdarang going away on hit is annoying af. Not even for just anti-zoning but in general. It should stay out once it's in the air like Lex's old drones, or if they insist on it going away on hit at least have less recovery/faster startup. Or they could replace it with say, a staff with a ground pound ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    One good thing Pryce showed me at least is that if you somehow get a Birdarang out from fullscreen you can MB Roll and B2 jails. Looks like a solid tactic in matchups against the less overbearing zoners or if Fate throws out his slow orb etc...
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  16. Nexallus

    Nexallus From Takeda to Robin

    I think if you can get the birdarang out, then you can throw tele trait out full screen and then use another birdarang. I saw some Robin players doing this and they wait to activate the tele trait until the zoner uses a projectile/other move. Until that happened, they mostly used birdarang for counter zoning, blocking the other projectile right before and after sending it out.
  17. GS_Zodiac

    GS_Zodiac Determined to make a name for the mid-west

    See I feel like aquaman's zoning is slow enough to deal with compared to like fate or even Harley
  18. GS_Zodiac

    GS_Zodiac Determined to make a name for the mid-west

    I've never seen Tele go full screen like ever. How are they doing that? Far only goes like 3/4ths of the way barely
  19. Worst 3 to deal with for me

    1) Darkseid
    2) Fate
    3) Black Adam

    and honestly it's not even the zoning. It's once you get in they STILL have crazy pressure or mixups

    honorary mention for Firestorm because low laserthing on block to meter burn freeze is lame lol
  20. GS_Zodiac

    GS_Zodiac Determined to make a name for the mid-west

    For me it's

    Not only do the zoners dominate full screen, but they seemingly have better frame data and high low mixups as well. I hate to complain, because Robin can still do work, but comparatively he has to work so hard for his win
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  21. Supergirl gets bodied by MB roll, especially the air one cause you can punish when she's falling.
    Robin is too honest for this game lol
  22. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
    Premium Supporter

    really? what do you do after a blocked FTD?
  23. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
    Premium Supporter

    darkseid loses to Robin i think.

    you can punish every teleport if you are patient and slowly walk him to the corner. if you get the life lead he has to come to you and he can't approach on the ground cause you out range him with normals which means he has to get lucky with a teleport and you can punish that.

    darkseid is probably good vs other zoners though.
  24. This is true, when I can get an early lead and force him to come to me its leagues easier.
  25. GS_Zodiac

    GS_Zodiac Determined to make a name for the mid-west

    I'm sorry what's
    I'm sorry, what's FTD?

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