Returning to MKX: how does it hold up, as a competitive game and overall?

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By Charybdis on Jan 8, 2019 at 8:10 AM
  1. Charybdis

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    As the community eagerly looks towards MK11 like the insatiable fanboys we all are, a lot of people are looking back on MKX, myself included. Having played a hundred or so Ranked games over the holidays, it was hard to come to the conclusion that the game will live on as a true classic of MK.

    It feels so lacking. The gameplay just doesn't compare to the heavy footsies based style of MK9 but more importantly the game doesn't pop, it doesn't feel alive and vibrant the way MK2, UMK3 or MK9 do. And the roster sucks. Even having a main who suits you and a character you like, shout out Cybernetic Kano's zoning and corner combos, it just isn't fun to play nor fun to immerse yourself in.

    And, happily enough, this revisiting of the latest iteration in the MK franchise is the theme of the most recent Netherkast podcasts, just in time to help you on the return to the drudgery of life after the holidays!


    Over on the B show, Cyborg leads a discussion including heavy hitters like @Temp about. It's no Warrior Shrine, no, but it's an excellent and thorough discussion of what will be the most influential game on what MK11 is and isn't and thus what the immediate future of this community of ours will be.

    The impact of MKX on the fighting game community, and vice versa, and it's resurgence in the anticipation of MK11 is the topic of the main event of the Netherkast network, the Warrior Shrine!

    Featuring everyone's favourites, Temp and @Jango, it's almost two hours of podcasting gold.

    Have you gone back to MKX? How did you find it? Let us know below and don't forget to check back to TYM everyday for all the latest on MK11, as we're just 9 DAYS AWAY FROM THE REVEAL EVENTS AAAAAHHHHH, and everything NRS!
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by Charybdis, Jan 8, 2019.

    1. Marlow
      Not having played as much MKX initially, I've actually had some fun going back and trying MKX out a bit more. I still prefer Injustice 2 to MKX, but MKX has some fun stuff to check out. However, I get that once you get past the initial learning the game phase, it might not have that next level of lasting appeal for everyone.
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    2. Charybdis
      I much prefer I2. Actually I think MKX might be my least favourite NRS game gameplay wise. Getting 50/50d to death isn't enjoyable
    3. xenogorgeous
      MKX was good on its own time, around 2015/2016 ..... now, we want something better, and MK 11 probably will be .... at least, we hope ! :D
    4. AbeW
      "It feels so lacking", "the game doesn't pop", it doesn't feel "alive and vibrant" the way MK2, UMK3 or MK9 do???

      Sounds like the initiation of another simplistic broken record thread and doesn't sound like a in-depth analysis (or anything cranial ) to critique a game with the most complex mechanics and balance in any MK game so far. It was also the first NRS game to recruit a sizeable high level player base from the Tekken competitive world that used to think that the NRS games were a simplistic joke before.

      Your holiday would have been better spent playing UMK3 or MK2 indeed. "Dive kick" is popping and "alive and vibrant" as well.
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    5. Braindead
      Deep33 pls lmao
    6. AbeW
      What's deep? besides braindead? is the question....
    7. HeavyNorse
      Don't touch the floor, it's toxic.
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    8. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      I had way more fun playing MK9 in past holiday even with a broken controller and Cyrax than i had in MKX lol that's saying something.
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    9. neveradestroyer
      The game is good and not fully explored like injustice 2. But people likes to get new toys quickly nowadays.
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    10. Charybdis
      Whew, weird flex but okay
    11. AbeW
      Well said. On any serious FG, for instance, the time span between Tekken 6 and Tekken 7 release was 8 years. The time span between SF4 and SF5 release was 8 years. But, for a game with the level of complexity and as huge a roster (including all the variations) as MKX has, it got a measly 2 years for exploration before all the snowflakes jumped ship to injustice 2. It is the equivalent of all Tekken fans jumping ship to Soul Calibur 6 because a completely different series was released by the same developer Namco!!. Such a thing would never happen with Namco fans.

      In fact, none of the guys in the competitive scene played their characters at the highest possible level in 2015 and 2016 before they jumped ship. But, they were quick to badmouth the guys who were MK loyalists or continued to play MK because Injustice gameplay was lousy (wasn't their cake). It would probably be safe to say that most of the dudes who continue to whine about MKX like a broken record are casual scrubs who've never explored it with any depth.

      MKX is the first FG i've played, where any perceived low/mid character (between the 3 variations) could go head to toe against any high tier character and win. This does not exist in Tekken, SF or anywhere else. That is the level of balance this game has and it is not an easy feat to achieve. Every single mechanic in this game contributes to this balancing act. If a developer fails to balance the roster, it is their biggest letdown. Why would a developer put the work, time and money to design so many characters that nobody bothers to play because they don't stand a chance against the high tiers in a imbalanced roster. Fortunately, NRS did very good on this note after the last patch. For instance, all the pros used to laugh at leatherface and Bo Rai Cho back in 2015/2016. Now you see guys like Sikander and VLJV playing these characters at the highest level and wrecking the high tiers in tournys with LF and Bo. There's always new interesting tech and setups to be found, realize a character's full potential. It takes at least 4 years to explore a game like this to some depth imho. I hope MK12 releases 8 years after MK11 to give the game the exploration period it deserves, just like Tekken or SF.
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    12. x TeeJay o
      x TeeJay o
      My feelings towards MKX haven’t changed a whole lot but I’ve eased up a bit on CERTAIN things like fun. It’s a ton of fun if you play for fun.. Trying to take it seriously is just hard because of so much of the BS in it so it’s like whatever. But it’s definitely fun if you’re an MK fan.
    13. HeavyNorse
    14. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      didnt read lol
    15. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      It’s alright I suppose
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    16. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Yeah it’s pretry crazy, I was asked what was going on in the corner as Sub by one of my friends and saying out loud “oh yeah, if I knock someone down in the corner they are forced to guess between overhead, low, and throw into clone” made the game feel pretty silly
    17. Fallen_sektor
      imo mkx is better than both injustices, being a fast paced game it usually attracts people, tournaments were hype af, matches lasting 10-15 seconds some times, the competitive scene was incredible, it was really diverse, great rivalries, great top 8s, overall it was great, but not as good as mk9
      the game had its moments, too bad the comunity didn't let it shine longer
    18. STRYKIE
      Umm, there was Tekken Tag 2 between T6 and 7. I understand your point in the grand scheme of things, cause to be honest, the most successful T7 players have probably forgotten more about the arcade revisions of T7 alone than anyone will ever know about any NRS game to date, but since the turn of the century, no major fighting game publisher has gone as long as Capcom when it comes to releasing new iterations of their series lol.
    19. Hara-Killer
      People should make some MK X tournaments using only variationless chars
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    20. ANGELMAN
      MK9 > MKXL.

      That's not to say that now, in its final fleshed out form, that MKXL isn't still hype. It definitely is. I still go in every now and again just because Leatherface is life and Possessed Kenshi is ridiculous.
      But gameplay wise, to me it's like comparing UMVC3 to MVC2. You just can't.
      If MK9 was still big online, I would be in there on a nightly. And if MK11 has its dashblocking and walkspeed and mobility, it will be the deliverance we have waited for since forever. #PraiseDashblocking
    21. Espio
      If you play it just for fun, it's fun. As someone who likes walking primarily for movement and nuanced ways to pressure on wake up versus escape oki pressure the game makes it hard for my personal competitive pallet where I prefer balanced counters on both sides. The design choices are just super out of pocket and I say this as someone that likes playing characters like Doomsday, Goro, and Cheetah who all primarily rushdown or harass you with chip damage, up close and heavy offense.

      Goro and Kitana are fun and I like their variations, but like most characters they seem to suffer from being too similar to something else they have.
    22. Sablicious

      Frankly, it doesn't --

      - too 50-50 guessing game centric
      - "death korners" too exploitable
      - projectiles too obtrusive
      - game flow too predictable
      - too few defensive options to dissuade the abuse of above (et al.) exploitables
      - roster not really balanced (*certain match-ups are very skewed)
      - rather boring to watch in the hands of "proes" [as a result]

      Overall, MKX is a fun knock-about fighter -- add alcohol, some weed, stir vigorously and then mix in with MK... Voila! However, as a competitive fighting game, it's no SF in its heyday, nor even on par with the better SNK offerings. Presentation and "kontent" are where the franchise's allure lies, and I expect little to change in this respect in '11'.

      One thing is for certain, however, and that is that the MK franchise has unarguably improved with each successive iteration (this, despite / in spite of all the game mechanic experimentation); whereas the counterpart Capcom and SNK games have devolved.
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    23. undergroundvgt
      i had more fun with mk9 i thought that i would have the same fun with mkxl but something was missing. either way i played it but was happy when injustice 2 came out! hopefully mk11 adds something from mk9 and injustice 2 with a pinch of something new!!!
    24. undergroundvgt

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