Returning to MKX: how does it hold up, as a competitive game and overall?

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By Charybdis on Jan 8, 2019 at 8:10 AM
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    As the community eagerly looks towards MK11 like the insatiable fanboys we all are, a lot of people are looking back on MKX, myself included. Having played a hundred or so Ranked games over the holidays, it was hard to come to the conclusion that the game will live on as a true classic of MK.

    It feels so lacking. The gameplay just doesn't compare to the heavy footsies based style of MK9 but more importantly the game doesn't pop, it doesn't feel alive and vibrant the way MK2, UMK3 or MK9 do. And the roster sucks. Even having a main who suits you and a character you like, shout out Cybernetic Kano's zoning and corner combos, it just isn't fun to play nor fun to immerse yourself in.

    And, happily enough, this revisiting of the latest iteration in the MK franchise is the theme of the most recent Netherkast podcasts, just in time to help you on the return to the drudgery of life after the holidays!


    Over on the B show, Cyborg leads a discussion including heavy hitters like @Temp about. It's no Warrior Shrine, no, but it's an excellent and thorough discussion of what will be the most influential game on what MK11 is and isn't and thus what the immediate future of this community of ours will be.

    The impact of MKX on the fighting game community, and vice versa, and it's resurgence in the anticipation of MK11 is the topic of the main event of the Netherkast network, the Warrior Shrine!

    Featuring everyone's favourites, Temp and @Jango, it's almost two hours of podcasting gold.

    Have you gone back to MKX? How did you find it? Let us know below and don't forget to check back to TYM everyday for all the latest on MK11, as we're just 9 DAYS AWAY FROM THE REVEAL EVENTS AAAAAHHHHH, and everything NRS!
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by Charybdis, Jan 8, 2019.

    1. undergroundvgt
    2. undergroundvgt
      didnt mean to repost but i couldnt delete it and also im not sure why my second paragraph was in red anywho hopefully everybody took the time to read it all lol. its from the heart
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    3. Metin
      - I remember too many nerfs, buffs and balance patches. It was turned into bullshit lately.
      - I would prefer even Mokap or Kobra over Jacqui or Kung Jin. The newcomers or hereos? (don't make me laugh) explains why most of the players are not happy with the roster. There are too many jeneric u.s. soldier type of boring chars. Jax and Sonya are not enough? C'mon NRS hear us; give us Johnny with his own personality, he looks like a miserable looser in MKX. Dad, divorced, looking for a peace with his wife.. hell noooo..
      - Erron Black, D'vorah and Kotal Kahn.... Okay
      - Brutalities... Awesome!!!
      - Guest Chars... I really love those movies that is why i am okay with the guest chars in MKX. Don't put the blame on me.
      - Sadly i did not like most of the arenas except Jinsei Chamber and Sky Temple ( Yeah it is too dark i know )
      - Variation system has many problems with most of the classic chars because some of their regular moves used to be a variation specific move like Raiden's teleport or Sub Zero's ice clone. But the variation system in MKX not bad at all.
      - Some of the character combos looks really boring to me, like Kitana's for example. I need a coffee to watch it. It takes too much time in non-aesthetic way. Fan, fan, fan again, kick fan, punch fan, again fan fan fan (imagine your oppenent at corner.) It is not fun to perform or watch.
      - Extra contents!! What could i say? Brezilian skins for Liu?? and Cage?? Infrared Scorpion?? Cosplay Jacqui and Cassie? And the free nightmare looking skins for the ninjas?? I mean gold, blue steel or krimson..
      - Anyway i like MKX but a little bit of dissapointment.. I really enjoy to play as;

      - Spectral Ermac
      - Impostor Shinnok
      - Kotal Kahn w/all variations
      - Hellfire Scorpion
      - Gunslinger Errron Black
      - Sorcerer Quan Chi
      - Piercing Mileena
      - Nimble Reptile
      - Smoke Triborg or Cyber Sub Zero Quadroborg.. Whatever.

      - Btw, a question; What is the worst Scorpion skin in your opinion? Here is the candidates;

      - Infrared
      - Gold :confused:
      - Grey Scorpion with Skull
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    4. undergroundvgt
      i thought my post was long lol .anyway you covered alot of things i would have in my original lol.i main kitanna did they make her combos slow on purpose lol? i did get hyped about tri borg and i like the dlc especially jason so mkxl wasnt complete trash but i agree with you that johnny cage was a complete loser!!! i enjoyed his character more in mk9. so much can be said about mkxl but it finally gave me the courage to get a playstation 4 (yup i got a ps4 only because of mkx and i would do it again ) lol. spliting up the core moves into variations was whack as well. i came to like kanos tho because you can finally use his eye lazers. but all in all i believe they will get it right with mk11. netherealm likes to throw out things and see what sticks. i think they tried variations and now they know what can work and will work for the future. i was happy to see people returning to mkxl but after a few matches i was like oh this is why i stopped playing lol. anywho like this post if you read the whole thing. peace
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    5. undergroundvgt
      that inferored scorpion costume still gives me epileptic seizures!!! gold was cool but i didnt buy it kind of cartoony lol. and why in the world did they give cassie and jacque the ninja cosplay they could have gave them anything else!!! ??? or gave them a jade or other female ninja color!!!
    6. Metin
      I purchased a PS4 because of that game too :)) But i am not remorseful.. I have played a lot of cool games like The Last Of Us, Dishonored, Witcher 3, AC Origins, Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, Dying Light etc. Still playing KOF 14 ( this game looks like an expensive mobile game but with the cool gameplay wise ) and Read Dead Redemption 2. My main was Cage in MK9, i am not happy with him in MKX. I don't mean gameplay, but his MKX story really sucks to me. Killing a character thing. Kitana's fan hits should be limited in a combo string i guess.. Also i hate to use air fans to create a bar thing, it is really sucks. I never like to play a mk game in that way. Spam thing i mean. Variation system will be cool in M11K. You will see, but i am not sure about the gear system. It could turn into a senseless thing like create a character mode in MK Armageddon. I hope it will ve useful, not useless..
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    7. TackyHaddock
      MKX is the best mortal kombat game of all time imo. Especially after its last patch. People seemingly did not have enough time to fully appreciate how balanced it was after its last patch before Inj2 came out. The current version of MKXL is a truly great game

      I liked Mk9 too, but was watching footage of it the other day and realized how slow and clunky it seems compared to X
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    8. Marlow
      I kind of have the same thoughts. Seems like MK9 benefits from a lot of nostalgia.
    9. undergroundvgt
      i think we are twins separated at birth i just bought ac origins because it was a big end of the year sale on playstation store lol. also my ps4 came with last of us and gta5 bundle it was the last one and i happily paid for it. i only played mournful variation because i didnt want to be that kitana spam player lol and also i played with jade on mk9. i like the gears in injustice but didnt like that you had to choose certain moves. however everybody saying that mkxl was amazing and people dropped it too quick can suck my balls because waiting til the end to get everything right obviously is dropping the ball. with that logic people should still be playing injustice 2!!!
    10. undergroundvgt
      this has to be your first mortal kombat because there is no way in hell mkx is the best mortal kombat!!!!
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    11. Slymind
      Entirely subjective.

      To me it is, easily.
    12. callMEcrazy
      Let's put it this way - MK9 in it's time (2011/12) was probably better than MKX in it's time (2015/16). But we can't seriously be comparing the two games now. In March 2019 MKXL is leaps and bounds better than MK9 final version. Lets break it down.

      Balance: MKXL actually has decent balance as far as FG balancing goes. MK9's balance is horrible. No contest here.

      Roster size: Before MKX came out there was this fear that variations wouldn't actually differ much from one another. We were wrong. Variations were mostly distinct enough to be counted as separate characters. MK9 gets nowhere close. This gives MKX incredible depth. There are so many matchups to learn and always more to explore.

      Netcode: MK9 had bad netcode. MKX at launch had bad netcode but MKXL's netcode is quite good, almost as good as Inj 2's.

      No need to mention graphics/animation since MKX is naturally better since it's a newer game. So the only point where MK9 is better than MKX is neutral/footsies. In reality though MK9's footsies game is often roasted by characters like Kabal, Sonya, Kenshi and Lao because they can mostly circumvent the rules. MKX does have too many 50/50s but since the removal of armored launchers it plays a good game where zoning works as it should.

      MK9 did have better story than MKX but it's not like you'd play that over and over.

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