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It doesn't matter who they add as DLC if the gameplay is boring.

Shang Tsung is a 10/10 for me character-wise. He's absolute iconic and getting Cary Tagawa to portray him bumps that to 11/10. Gameplay-wise....he's boring as hell, like the entire cast.

Shao Kahn is my all-time favorite boss character. It's hard to even consider him as DLC, though, considering he was just content ready from day 1 that was marketed as the pre-order bonus. We won't even get into how weak he is.

Sindel, Nightwolf, Fujin, Sheeva are all absolutely welcome additions, but I fear Sheeva and Fujin will be boring....like the rest of the roster.

Spawn and Terminator would have been sick in MKX. In MK11 I have fun with a character for about 15 mins in practice and then just turn the game off. This has been the cycle for me since Shang Tsung was released.

I don't give two shits about new characters, stages or finishers. They're all nice additions, but I want a massive overhaul to the gameplay. I'm sure there are many that agree they won't be paying another $40 to play the same boring game.
So much this. For a lot of people how well the DLC feels boils down a lot to "is this a character i like" and with MK's cast you can go back and forth all day on that (as ninja/borg/mileena mains will likely continue to do), but to me there's no denying that even for the characters I like in this pack, they don't feel right.

Someone posted the MKX list and I didn't love a ton of those, but they all felt like distinct characters. MK11 still has a huge issue with everything blurring together.