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And? He has glowing purple lightning that also acts as a dimensional rift. Why the HELL wasn't that used in the Fatal Blow? This is by far the coolest iteration of his lightning powers. Use 'em!
It was easier to borrow from Skarlet's fatality. :p

So they...incorporated his kick, his weapon, and then Skarlet's fatality effect recolored.


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Definitely, though they laid a massive egg when it came to Sheeva. Nothing fancy, no serious 4 armed abilities besides the fire balls - not part of tournament variations, dumbest shit ever - and that shield just an awful weapon choice. Glad I never cared for her, just the only shokan and her looks made me have hope. Rain didn’t care for either, but just blew it out of the water
Yeeeah. Keep trying to grind Sheeva and she just doesn't feel.... Shokan to me. I wanted a female goro lol

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He looks so pleased with himself lol

I just realized when he does his Super Kick, he knocks them into a rift and it spits them out behind him. Pretty cool way to explain how that move worked. Also seemed like he didn’t need meter to combo off it which is pretty cool. I wonder what his Bubble and Lightning do if they aren‘t meter burned?
If you look closely at his upper body during the Super Kick, you can see the yellow Amp sparks
Yes, it has to be me, I need to post this thread.

This is the topic for my man Rain! As he actually IS KOMING to MK11 after all the doubts.

Let's wait for some more information about him but for now I can only tell that his look is cool (I wanted to have more 'prince of persia' vibe but yea, anyway), and his moves are definitely going to be one of the best in the game.
The only part that's making me sad is that he is not playing any role in the story and his inclusion in MK11 as DLC is making his chances to appear in MK12 a bit weaker.

Remember when they said they wouldn't charge for characters twice. Just one more reason to hate NetherRealm. P.S. Ed Boon Shave your Eye Brows


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Remember when they said they wouldn't charge for characters twice. Just one more reason to hate NetherRealm. P.S. Ed Boon Shave your Eye Brows
can you find the link where this was stated, I've seen it quoted many times but never with any source...
this is the closest source that I could find and it doesn't state quite what you and others repeat.

Direct quote:
Ed: "Rain was a DLC character in, um, MK9. So, the only thing I would say to that is, his chances would be less likely."

Ed Boon never stated that. The original IGN Gamescom 2014 interview is no longer on YouTube. But I do have a video that shows snippets of him stating Repeat DLC is "Less Likely."


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I really like that Rain put respect on Reptile and Ermac's name. "Without them, you're finished"

Like if Kotal would've told Rain that they were just over there he would've gotten right back in his water portal lmao
Rain looks like a cross between an Egyptian, a bit of ancient Greek / Persian and Kotal Kahn's face. Not what I imagined at all after hearing that voice. As much as people have bitched online about his voice not sounding deep enough, I think we can all agree the voice doesn't match the face at all. His voice sounds so young and actually would've fitted a more handsome, arrogant young looking guy.
If you would encounter that face in real life, no way his voice is that high. His in game taunts sound good, his voice is fine, just doesn't match his face.


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This just really makes me want Smoke and Ermac

We need to band together like the Kitana/Mileena stans and make them include every ninja in every MK no matter WHAT.
Rain looks fucking awesome, instantly maining him when he drops! Im still kinda bummed Reptile didnt make it, but after seeing that trailer, I can rest assured that he is probably coming back in MK12 along with Smoke and they'll both be fantastic.


If you look closely at his upper body during the Super Kick, you can see the yellow Amp sparks
Oh yeah, that makes sense I guess. That would probably would be too strong in a game like MK11. I wonder if his Bubble always throws the opponent towards Rain or can you input a direction when you amp it and choose?

Either that or it just locks on to his position and adjusts depending on where he is. Cos if it doesn‘t do any of those then it‘s just gonna be straight up useless in alot of situations.
Pretty lazy with the gear, but since they're outdoing themselves in other departments I will let it slide. I don't understand the fascination with full face masks and they're all the same type too. Lots of them seem like you cannot see through them either like 5 & 6, similar to what Noob, D'Vorah & Kollector have.