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Discussion in 'Raiden' started by Raidenwins, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. keep it up man, great raiden. you seem very calm when playing, and thats good. lol but yea d que cyrax is dumb to fight, ive been there, you'll get him at evo.
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  2. Chaosphere

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    Thanks. Yeah I was blasting music in my ears so I couldn't hear the crowd at all. It actually helps quite a bit.
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  3. yea seems like it would. ima try it for CEO 2012, when im there. good luck at evo man. btw, im on xbl, we should get a match sometime.
  4. Chaosphere

    Chaosphere The Free Meter Police
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    Sure. Go ahead and add me. I should be on sometime tonight.
  5. rotanadan

    rotanadan Noob

    I'll be maining Raiden at EVO to, you can add me on XBL although Raiden mirrors are annoying as hell hehe.
  6. trustinme

    trustinme xbl-OBS trustinme

    nice vids from you all.after pissing about with raiden in practice earlier ive decided to make him one of my secondaries,all ive got to do now is stop throwing out random supermans and teleporting all the time,man you really need patience to play it just me or is he the most underrated character in the game? he's got some serious fucking mindgames.i cant wait to do some serious training with him.
  7. Mosp

    Mosp Noob

    I don't know about underrated and what kind of mindgames?
  8. 4x4lo8o

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    B W1zz at 58min
    Me at 1:19
    More B W1zz at 1:48

    B W1zz commentates a few places, and I think there's him playing Morty somewhere later but I don't know the time

    B W1zz knocked me out of winners in the first round, but it wasn't on stream. Morty's Kabal blew me up pretty thoroughly. I don't play online and had never played a Kabal before. It was pretty terrible


    B W1zz vs Morty at 10:45
  9. trustinme

    trustinme xbl-OBS trustinme

    well maybe its because im new to raiden but he seems impossible to pin down,he can lame it out against anyone other than smoke and kabal,he can cut his strings short with teleport or throw,he can finish combos with teleport,he can teleport out of pressure or ex shocker out for 30%he's really fucking good man,i cant quite understand why everyone thinks he's ass or am i missing something?
  10. Chaosphere

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    I agree. But he can lame it out against smoke. Smoke has no option but to try and get in... you just have to be good at reacting to a smoke bomb with superman.
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  11. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    Ok last night a played Maxter in a local tournament. I tried using cage but against cyrax i haven't figured out how to deal with the bombs. So in the last match I used raiden. Now my raiden is a bit rusty but I am not ashamed at all of this performance lol. Maxter is one of the top players in the world and IMO the best Cyrax. Couple things i wish i could have back like messing up 1 vb AA but like i said. Rust lol.

    it's at 3:50:45
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  12. Chaosphere

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  13. 4x4lo8o

    4x4lo8o Noob

    I really liked that whiffed superman while he's on the ground followed by a throw in the second video, especially since it looked like he was expecting it again when you used the b3 to win the 2nd round. I'm definitely going to try that.

    In the third video you used ex-tele into b312 a ton of times, and he just blocked it and every time. It did seem like you noticed and did other stuff with your meter the second match, but maybe try throwing in crossovers and throws after ex-teleport?
  14. B W1zZ

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    Starting at the 11:00 timestamp I play a good 20 minutes or so of matches against the Kombat Houston guys. I also played a shit ton of matches vs. Gross in the KH room at Dallas but they didn't get recorded :( they were badass matches.

    If someone has the full recording of myself vs. Maxter tournament match please upload it.
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  15. Hi guys!
    You can find here 2,5 fights with raiden online (low batterie) against a nice Kabal.(at 3min15) I think Raiden is a good choice against kabal, don't hesitate to comment these fights ! thank u !
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  16. Cat

    Cat This guy looks kind of tuff...

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  17. Chaosphere

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  18. 4x4lo8o

    4x4lo8o Noob

    You really love your 1212 string
  19. Chaosphere

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    Do I ever. 9 frame starter and there's really no reason to duck against Raiden =p

    And builds tons of meter on block. No gaps. AND if you're pro you can hit confirm into 121~shocker. You can also stop at 121 which is only -1 and backdash into a whiff punish if they try to poke or just back dash to get away. Great string. There was one point against Royale where i just did, 121, 121, 121. lol
  20. 4x4lo8o

    4x4lo8o Noob

    Yeah, I don't use it that much but after watching you play I'm convinced. The only criticism I have is that I wish you'd been a bit a better at hit-confirming into 121~shocker, you missed a bunch of damage. It still worked out well for you though. 1212~tele is positive on hit so so I guess you at least get pressure if you mess up your hitconfirm and go into teleport.

    It was really exciting seeing Raiden on stream, especially since you did well. There really isn't much good Raiden gameplay out there. B Whizz's Dallas casuals are the only thing recent that comes to mind, and that wasn't even tournament play. Congrats on top 16, now we've gotta get the Thunder God into top again before the game dies.

    Your d1 punishes on Kung Lao's teleport really impressed me. I always get too scared and just block when he teleports, but you were hitting those all over the place. I also like your use of ex-tele, especially in that match against KH Royale, where he punished the first one and you just threw it out again like you didn't give a fuck
  21. Chaosphere

    Chaosphere The Free Meter Police
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    Hahaha. Yeah who the hell expects 2 ex-teleports in a row? When you KNOW it's coming you don't know wtf to do other than hold block. People panic and try to punish your teleport. My match with smarrgasm really demonstrates this. I know it seems like a waste of meter... but shit... it works most of the time and it's a 37% combo if you hit them. I think it's worth the meter. Especially since raiden can build meter so quickly. Watching my matches with PL, he "punished" my ex-teleports twice. But really I think he made a mistake by trying to 21~spin my regular tele and was just late on the punish so the 21 came out in the other direction. I don't think he meant to punish those and got lucky both times. Almost had free combos haha. I want him in my pool at UFGT but that's really just luck of the draw. I was so ready for a "best raiden in the world" pop off if I had won hahahaha. Also, when the opponent knows you don't give a fuck with ex-teleport it allows you to regular tele in because they are just scared to hit a button. When they see the regular tele you can back dash and possibly whiff punish with b3.

    As far as 121 hit confirming... yeah I was practicing it all morning before pools and I had it down really well. Once I got in there though, it was a different story. But oh well... 1212~tele on hit is still a bunch of frame advantage and a good spot for your d4 to hit. You can see any time I did that I pretty much got a free d4. Using the 121 string a bunch sets up whiff punishes. If you go for d3 into 121 a bunch... the next time you go for d3 they are going to try and poke or whip out a fast string... so if you backdash into b312 you're almost guaranteed a free combo if you're training them properly.

    My playstyle is to overwhelm the opponent. Raiden DOES have good pressure. I don't care what anyone says. The only time it's shitty is if you just do the same shit over and over again and if they don't have meter you can b312 and 334 ALL day. Raiden has setups off of literally all of his strings. All of them. And combined with backdash he's fucking deadly. Re-watching my matches I missed quite a bit of opportunities for whiff punishing fast strings and down pokes. But in casuals later that night I was getting free 37% combos, haha.

    Thanks for the compliments. I'm definitely using my footage to study all of my missed opportunities.
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  22. 4x4lo8o

    4x4lo8o Noob

    I play at 1:00:00, 1:26, and 1:52

    Not my best gameplay, I get tournament nerves pretty awful and don't like the way I played, but I'm not sure I've posted any gameplay of myself so here it is. Maybe I can get a critique or something.
  23. 4x4lo8o

    4x4lo8o Noob

    Dat high level Raiden gameplay
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  24. Raidenwins

    Raidenwins Raiden Practitioner

    Good games there! One thing you might play around with is canceling a blocked B3 into a throw. That way they won't know if you are going to finish the combo or throw them, i.e. mind games.
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  25. Thunderless

    Thunderless THUNDERONE

    Some from me vs not bad kabal ;)
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