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    edited by Chaosphere

    I decided to make this thread to be used as an encyclopedia for various Raiden combos. Feel free to post any combos not listed in this thread with the amount of damage it does, and I will update the first post.

    NOTE: I did not list how much damage each combo does with a jump in punch. If you would like to calculate this yourself just add 3%.

    • 1 = Square on PS3, X on Xbox 360
    • 2 = Triangle on PS3, Y on Xbox 360
    • 3 = X on PS3, A on Xbox 360
    • 4 = Circle on PS3, B on Xbox 360
    • block = R2 on PS3 and RT on Xbox 360 by default
    • jp = Jump Punch, can use either 1 or 2. Hitting your opponent in the air with a punch jumping diagonally.
    • jk = Jump Kick, can use either 3 or 4. Hitting your opponent in the air with a kick jumping diagonally.
    • jip = Jump in punch, jumping in on your opponent with a diagonal jumping 1 or 2, generally used as a combo starter.
    • njp = Neutral Jump Punch, Jumping straight up and hitting your opponent with a 1 or 2
    • b = Back, away from your opponent.
    • f = Forward, towards your opponent.
    • d = Down
    • u = Up
    • dash = Performed by hitting ff or bb in quick succession. In combos, usually it is assumed you are dashing forward
    • + = Press both inputs simultaneously.
    • , = Short pause between inputs.
    • ex = Enhanced version of a special move, done by pressing the input for the special move and block simultaneously.
    • xray = Xray attack. Done by pressing stance switch and block together, or by pressing 3+block+4.
    • Superman: bf3
    • Shocker: df2
    • Lightning: db1
    • vb (Vicinity Blast): db2
    • Teleport: du
    1. djk, superman (16%)
    2. djk, dash 12~superman (19%)
    3. djk, dash 1~ex-shocker, 334, superman (34%)
    4. f24, superman (22%)
    5. f4, dash shocker, 334, superman (31%)
    6. f4, dash shocker, f2~vb, dash 334 (31%) (splat setup)
    7. f4, dash shocker, 334, dash f2~superman (33%)
    8. 121~shocker, 334, superman (29%)
    9. 121~shocker, f2~vb, dash 334, superman (33%)
    10. 121~shocker, 1~vb, dash 334, superman (33%)
    11. f23~ex-shocker, 1~vb, dash 334, superman (35%)
    12. b21~ex-shocker, 1~vb, dash 334, superman (35%)
    13. b312, dash shocker, 334, superman (35%)
    14. b312, dash shocker, 334, dash b3~superman (37%)
    15. b312. dash shocker, 334, dash f2~superman (37%) (most consistent)
    16. 334~tele, f2~shocker, b312~ex-lightning (32%) (ex-lightning pressure)
    17. 334~tele, f2~shocker, f2~vb, b3~superman (37%)
    18. 334~tele, f2~shocker, 334, superman (37%)
    1. 121~shocker, 1~vb, dash 334~x-ray (41%)
    2. 334~xray (42%)
    3. b312, dash shocker, 334~xray (46%)
    4. 334~tele, f2~shocker, 334~xray (45%)
    1. jk, superman (16%)
    2. jp, superman (10%)
    3. jp, dash f24 (12%) (good for teleport wakeup pressure)
    4. jp, dash b312~superman (16%)
    5. jp, dash b31~shocker, b31~superman (21%)
    6. jp, dash b312~shocker, b31~superman (23%) (landing shocker is height dependent)
    7. (near corner) jp, f24, d1~shocker, f23~superman (23%)
    8. (near corner) jp, 4, 334, f23~shocker, f23~superman (27%)
    9. (near corner) jp, 4, 334, f23~shocker, 33~superman (27%)
    10. (near corner) jp, 4, 334, 33~shocker, 33~superman (27%)
    11. (near corner) jp, 4, 334, 33~shocker, f23~superman (27%)
    1. d2, superman (21%)(opponent must be hit high for superman to connect)
    2. ex-shocker, f2~vb, dash 334, superman (30%)
    3. shocker, f2~vb, dash 334, superman (30%)
    4. 1~vb, dash shocker, f2~vb, b3~superman (29%)
    5. 1~vb, dash shocker, f2~vb, dash 33~superman (30%)
    6. d1, dash 1~shocker, f2~vb, b3~superman (27%)
    7. d1, dash 1~shocker, f2~vb, dash 33~superman (28%)
    8. njp, dash shocker, f2~vb, b3~superman (30%)
    9. njp, dash shocker, 334, superman (30%)
    1. 121~shocker, 1~vb, 334, 33~superman (35%)
    2. djk, 1~shocker, 334, 33~superman (36%)
    3. f4, 4, 334, d1~shocker, f23~superman (35%)
    4. f4, 4, 334, 33~shocker, 33~superman (37%)
    5. f4, 4, 334, 33~shocker, f23~superman (37%)
    6. f4, 4, 334, f23~shocker, f23~superman (37%)
    7. b312~shocker, 334, 33~superman (38%) (Less damage, easier execution)
    8. b312, 4, 334, 33~shocker, 33~superman (41%)
    9. b312, 4, 334, 33~shocker, f23~superman (41%)
    10. f24, d1~shocker, 334, 33~superman (41%)
    11. 334~vb, 4, 334, 33~shocker, f23~superman (43%) (VB optional)
    12. 334~vb, 4, 334, 33~shocker, 33~superman (43%) (VB optional)
    13. 334~vb, 4, 334, f23~shocker, 33~superman (43%) (VB optional)
    14. 334~vb, 4, 334, f23~shocker, f23~superman (43%) (VB optional)
    15. 334~vb, f24, d1~shocker, f23~ex-lightning (38%) (continued pressure option)
    1. 121~shocker, 1~vb, 334, 33~xray (42%)
    2. f4, 4, 334, 33~shocker, f23~xray (43%)
    3. djk, 1~shocker, 334, 33~xray (46%)
    4. b312, 4, 334, 33~shocker, f2~xray (47%)
    5. 334~vb, 4, 334, 33~shocker, f2~xray (47%)
    6. f24, d1~shocker, 334~xray (49%)
    7. f24, f24, d1~shocker, f23~xray (50%) (very strict timing)
    8. f24, d1~shocker, f24, d1~xray (51%) (very strict timing)
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  2. CJKRattlehead

    CJKRattlehead Two men enter, one man leaves!

    Corner: :r:bp:bk, :r:bp:bk, :d:fp Shocker :r:bp:fk Electric fly 40%

    :r:bp:bk, :r:bp:bk, :d:fp Shocker :r:bp:fk :x 50%

    Credit to [MENTION=25]Check[/MENTION] i believe correct me if im wrong
  3. B W1zZ

    B W1zZ Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I don't think you can land :r+:bp:bk twice back to back, and I can't test it atm because my xbox is broken.

    If there is a video of someone doing this link me so I can see it.
  4. LOCO


    awsome job
    makes me proud that u became mod
    hopefuly this will set a bar for the others
  5. CJKRattlehead

    CJKRattlehead Two men enter, one man leaves!

    my mistake check gave credit to the creator tho
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  6. ForeverKing

    ForeverKing WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!!!

    Yo I have tryed this countless times, I really don't think its possible. And if it is actually possible, it would be way too hard and inconsistent and difficult to pull it off in a real match against a fighting oppenent.

    But yea B W1zZ I got some more raiden combos for you man:

    :raiden:Midscreen Combos:raiden:

    b312, dash, b31 shocker, b31 superman. (34%) Really simple, nice for beginners

    jip, b312, b312 shocker, b31 superman. (39%) Best midscreen combo possible to pull off after b312

    jip, 334 teleport, f2 shocker, b312 enhanced lighting bolt. Don't remember the percent but this could actually be pulled off as a reset, or just to apply pressure if they quick recovery.

    :raiden:Corner Combos:raiden:

    jip, f24, d1 shocker, 334, 33 superman. (43-44%) Best thing you can do off of f24 in the corner

    jip, 334 vicinity blast, f24, d1 shocker, f23 enhanced lighting bolts. I have used this as a reset so many times lol. If they try any attack you can do the whole 334 vicinity blast combo all over again for 41%. If they just stand there and block you get a free grab or pressure them. Even if they try to jump over your head a lightning ball will hit them on the other side and you can do any anti-air for punishment.

    jip, 334 vicinity blast, 1 vicinity blast, 1 vicinity blast, 1212 shocker, f23 superman (41-43%) Just looks real cool with all the vicinity blasts :top:
  7. CJKRattlehead

    CJKRattlehead Two men enter, one man leaves!


    It isn't that bad. Maybe slightly unrealistic to hit in a real match but it is possible with enough practice.
  8. ForeverKing

    ForeverKing WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!!!

    Idk how check pulled it off, he's a beast lol
  9. Vilén

    Vilén too smart to play MKX

    :r:bk, :bk, :fk:fk:bk, :fk:fk~:d:r:bp, :r:bp:fk~:l:r:fk is a better corner combo starting from the overhead than listed in the original post. 37% damage, easy as all hell.
  10. CJKRattlehead

    CJKRattlehead Two men enter, one man leaves!

    i went and practiced that for about 5 minutes and i get it 8/10 times now. Not as bad as it looks.

    PS Check FTW :)
  11. B W1zZ

    B W1zZ Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Yeah that's one that I use myself, I forgot to post it
  12. CJKRattlehead

    CJKRattlehead Two men enter, one man leaves!

    Can we make this kind of thread mandatory for every single character forum? The convenience is blowing my mind! :wow:
  13. B W1zZ

    B W1zZ Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Convenience that is long overdue ;)

    This is only the beginning :evil:
  14. Peckapowa

    Peckapowa Noob

    how about combos of an air-to-aur ?(not neutral) jump kick in the corner

    j3or4 d1 shocker f23 superman (potentially can be extended)

    how about combos of an uppercut
    d2 superman (if at high arc)
    d2 d1 shocker f23 superman (if hit at high arc overhead with back too corner )
  15. B W1zZ

    B W1zZ Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    It's a work in progress so haven't gotten to it yet, but I'll add some air to airs.

    If you want some combos listed tell me the inputs/damage % and I'll add it. I can't test anything at the moment.
  16. LOCO


    i dont even use or like raiden but what bwizz did with this thread is admirable

    just had to put that extra note :)
  17. WaweR

    WaweR Noob

    Great work man.

    Just some corrections :

    Midscreen kombos

    3. B312(there should be dash I guess)334:superman: is 28% not 27%
    4. B312>>sh,B312:superman: is 33% not 31%
    15. is 35% (but 39% with jip)

    And something from me :

    Midscreen kombos after overheads which i mentioned in other topic :

    F4>>B312~SH,F2~VB,:superman: 32% hard :*(
    F4>>B31~SH,F2~VB,B3~:superman: 31%
    F4>>B31~SH,334 31%
  18. greeneless

    greeneless Noob


    334 VB, 334, 33 df2, 33 superman. 41%
    334 VB, 334, F2 3 df2, F2 3 superman. 41%

    Edit: nevermind, I didnt realize you already had that on there with 2% extra damage lol. Gonna have to add the extra 4 in my combo.
  19. G4S MinotaurLord

    G4S MinotaurLord Wielder of Toxins

    Hey everyone, I don't play Raiden at all, so I don't know if this is incredibly old tech or not, but I found this messing around in practice:

    JiP, b3,1,2;, 2, vicinity blast;, f2, shocker;, 3,3,4 teleport - 38%.

    This does decent damage and leaves you at about +a million frames as your teleport ends before they're even done being knocked back by the last 4. Again, I'm not a Raiden player, so if this has been done before I apologize, but I didn't find it on this thread. Hopefully someone will utilize this, as it looked solid when I was playing around with it.
  20. rotanadan

    rotanadan Noob

    Woah I'm at work so I cant try this, FK you mentioned ending the corner combo in EX lightning ball is a reset. Does normal keep them stading or only EX?

    So I will try replacing dive with EX ball and see what happens when I get home. Will it work in any corner combo? Like I use 334 4 334 33 shock f23 dive. Just end with EX lightning ball isntead?

    EDIT: never-mind, tried this out now. I get it, the returning lightning from behind is what can create the reset.
  21. B W1zZ

    B W1zZ Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    The :en Lightning isn't really a true reset though, just a way to pressure your opponent on their wake up.
  22. rotanadan

    rotanadan Noob

    K thnx, got 334 4 334 33 shock f23 ex lightning pretty well in muscle memory on the hitbox, time to try it out.
  23. Doctor Angel

    Doctor Angel Founder Of The Advent Kombat Alliance.
    Premium Supporter

    This thread is gold. Holy hell @ Raiden.
    I don't understand why he's so underutilized on higher level play.
    Especially when he's got genocidal corner strength, and an unpredictable damaging special that opens said corner like a book.
    Great job, Wizz :D.
  24. AJ_Sidhu

    AJ_Sidhu Noob


    JIP, B312, dash, shocker, f2, vb, jk, superman (39%)

    Another corner combo starting w/ the f4 overhead:

    f4, 4, 334, f23, shocker, f23, superman (37%)

    I find this one easier to pull off than 33 after the 334 for the same amount of damage.
  25. B W1zZ

    B W1zZ Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Kompendium updated. Upgraded the formatting a little bit, and added in more midscreen and :fk:fk:bk:d:l+:bp corner combo variations. :x combo sections have been added in as well, although incomplete at this point. Changed the notation on AA:fk AA:fp to :ur+:fk :ur+:fp

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