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R1p's Arena Season 2

It's going to be tough to top season 1's insanity, especially with that $1,100 prize pool, but Season 2 is already off to a great start! I'll keep this thread updated with the schedule and results. Here is the link to R1p's stream.

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Tonight's lineup! I'll be joining R1p on mic and video to cohost these juicy sets! Starts in a little over 1 hours from now!
Today's lineup! Don't let the format fool you, today will be an absolute sweat fest! I'll be cohosting with big R1p, so come hang out and show your support for the MK community!!! LINK
The Lineup for the Final Qualifier Event is ready. Best of Luck to all fighters. There are some super interesting and important Matches today. Today, R1p will update the Lineup during the Stream so we can watch in realtime who is qualified for the Final Tournament! Starting right now!!!!!
Post from R1p on his Discord today:

The time has come! Season 2 is about to end with a big Bang! We want to invite everyone in this server to celebrate the Grand Finals with us together. I will be joined my the awesome Mr. Aquaman and the beautiful Notveragood on the Microphone for this special event.​
At the same time I want to say "Thank You" to everyone involved in this project. It would not be possible without these great players, taking their time to play for us all and these insanely generous Viewers who cheer for them everyday. The Prize pool is already sitting at 730$+!
Finally before showing you guys the Lineup I want to say something, which is important for ME and my future career on Twitch. Since most of you guys know that i already tried to apply for the Partner Program for 6 Times now (and unfortunately got declined everytime), i want to go all in on the next one! Since the Subscription Number counts as well, I want to make something special and add something to the prize pool as well. For every gifted Sub I will put 2 Dollars from my Own Money into the Prize pool as well this time! Maybe this will help with the next partner decision, since I will be applying again right after the Finals. This is of course not mandatory and please only give something if you can! For all you generous viewers who want to donate directly to the Prize pool: https://streamlabs.com/r1ps_arena/tip
I love every single one of you and thank you again for making this Stream experience so special for me. See you all tomorrow!

R1p has been doing amazing things for the MK kommunity, far more than I've been able to do through trying to keep TYM alive, so I implore anyone reading this post to please, please, please, please come support his stream during this last week of Season 2. Come represent TYM and let the MK kommunuity know we are still going strong over here while supporting our amazingly talented friends in the EU! Here's to an amazing set of finals at R1p's Arena!!! Everything starts at 1pm EST (UCT-5:00).