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R1p's Arena Season 2

It's going to be tough to top season 1's insanity, especially with that $1,100 prize pool, but Season 2 is already off to a great start! I'll keep this thread updated with the schedule and results. Here is the link to R1p's stream.

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We've got a special event starting NOW: Gollywomp vs Biohazard $100 money match!!!

After that, it's back to the season 2 qualifiers!
Today's lineup:

@Juxtapose Heurisim is playing the first set, starting at 1pm EST (a little over an hour from the time this was posted). Best Mileena I've seen, hands down.
Today's sets are going to be straight bananas! We've got Evo champ, Disarted, battling it out with ArnKratos for the #1 spot in the rankings! I'll be joining R1p on the mic and on cam! Be sure to stop by and hang out because you're not going to want to miss today's insane sets!